Accumulation Distribution Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

The accumulation distribution is a technical MT4 indicator that uses volume feed and price to evaluate if an instrument is in an accumulation or distribution phase. However, the accumulation phase represents a period of buying, while the distribution phase is where traders begin selling. Actually, the accumulation distribution forex indicator in MT5 is a volume-based indicator that was basically developed to estimate underlying supply and demand n multiple markets such as Forex, crypto, and CFD markets. It achieves this by trying to define buying and selling pressure in the market in a specific period. Furthermore, the accumulation/distribution Tradingview indicator tries to spot divergences between the price and the volume of a given asset. Also, using an effective accumulation distribution strategy will provide insight into the strength of a tendency.

Accumulation Distribution Indicator FAQ

What is accumulation and distribution indicator ?

The accumulation distribution strategy is based on studying volumes of assets in order to determine accumulation and distribution phases in the Forex market. The A/D strategy is founded on the idea of  “volume” precedes “price”. In fact, this indicator delivers insight into how strong a trend is. For instance, when the price of an asset is on the rise, but the A/D indicator is dropping. It can indicate that the accumulation or buying volume is not strong enough to sustain the rising price. The circumstances could mean that a price drop is coming in the short term.

Indicator Formula

The indicator computation consists of three main components :

Money Flow Multiplier (MFM) = [(Close Price−Low Price)−(High Price−Close Price)] / (High Price−Low Price)

Money Flow Volume (MFV) = MFM x Period volume

A/D Indicator = Previous Period A/D + Current MFV

Moreover, this strategy helps Forex traders in monitoring the overall money flow. Identifying buying and selling pressure in the Forex market.  Also, he can spot price volume divergence.  We can find this indicator as a default indicator in the Metatrader platform or Trandingview.


How to trade with this indicator ?

The accumulation distribution strategy for MT4 examines the relationship between an asset’s price and its volume flow in a specific period. He can determine the trend of a stock and the strength behind that trend.

On the one hand, accumulation basically refers to the buying level for that asset within a given period. On the other hand, distribution refers to the selling level for the underlying asset.

In this way, CFD traders can predict the asset’s future price trend as well as possible forthcoming reversals relying on the Tradingview A/D indicator line. Thus, making those expectations with reasonable precision allows CFD traders to take a long position or to go short on the asset at the right time.

So how does the A/D Line clarify that?

The accumulation distribution ( A/D ) indicator line delivers two main types of signals in mt5 

  • Bullish accumulation distribution trend confirmation: 

A bullish signal is noticed when the A/D line increase during the time of high volume. Also, the price is strongly rising. Therefore, a rising A/D line indicates that the market is in an accumulation phase. As a result, we can be sure that the Forex market will continue moving in the current direction for a while.

Accumulation distribution indicator: bullish signal
  • Bearish accumulation distribution trend confirmation:

A bearish signal is detected when we are in a downtrend and the A/D line decrease during the time of low volume. Also, the price is strongly falling. Thus a falling A/D line indicates that the market is in a distribution phase. So, we must take advantage of this downtrend movement in the Forex market.

A Bearish ADL trend confirmation

How to apply it?

In the Forex market, when the A/D Tradingview indicator and the price are in agreement this can give us more confidence in the current trend. However, a conflict between them leads to divergence which can deliver effective clues.

At this point, divergence is an important signal, mainly a sign that the recent trend’s direction may soon be switching. Also, it is a great way to avoid unexpected movement. In fact, divergence is another significant feature of the A/D MT5 strategy. There are two types of divergence based on their potential :

  • Bullish A/D Divergence 

During this situation, the price continues to decline while the A/D line is rising, which means a bullish reversal on the horizon may happen. This pattern is known as a positive divergence. The price is falling but the accumulation distribution line is rising, which means that the MT5 indicator shows there is a buying pressure in the Forex market. So, to anticipate that the price may reverse to the upside.

  • Bearish A/D Divergence

During this situation, the price increase, but the accumulation distribution line is dropping, which could mean that a bearish reversal is likely to happen. This second pattern is what we call a negative divergence.

The price is moving upward but the A/D line is falling that mean’s the indicator shows there may be selling pressure in the Forex market, which warms that the price may be due for a decline. 

Download Accumulation Distribution indicator for MT4

The MT4 Accumulation distribution indicator is a simple tool used by all kinds of traders. He represents an effective system that can provide Forex traders with important clues. In short, this MT4 instrument focuses on the relation between the price and volume of a specific asset. So, if the price follows the MT4 line indicator then we can get a confirmation signal about the current movement. Otherwise, we should wait for a reversal trend. Hence, the Forex traders depend on the A/D line to better interpret information in the Metatrader 4 platform. Despite this, this indicator doesn’t consider trading chart gaps or when the price disconnect.

Accumulation distribution indicator MT4

Download Accumulation Distribution indicator for MT5

The accumulation distribution indicator for Metatrader 5 is a CFD trading instrument that indicates the accumulation and distribution phases. Also, he helps CFD traders determine buying and selling pressure in the market during high and low volume periods. So, relying on this free MT5 indicator we can display price volume divergence as well as gain useful insights into the CFD market.
Accumution distribution indicator MT5


The accumulation distribution strategy for Tradingview is a technical analysis indicator intended to connect price and volume in the Forex market. That is why he works as a leading indicator of price movements. Thus, a rising A/D line can confirm a price uptrend while a falling A/D line helps confirm a declining price. In the case of divergences, the price moves in a direction that the accumulation distribution MT4 indicator moves. So, if the indicator is rising, and the price of the asset is dropping, a reversal movement should be expected and conversely.