Buy Sell Indicator Guide

Buy Sell Indicator Guide Buy and sell signals indicator provides MT4 forex traders valuable insights into market trends. In fact, it allows you to identify potential entry and exit points with superb accuracy. Hence, whether you are a professional trader or just starting out, finding the right buy and sell signals indicator can significantly improve […]

RSI Screener Guide

RSI Screener Guide RSI Screener is a commonly used RSI scanner for measuring a financial instrument’s momentum and recognizing oversold and overbought conditions. Using Forex screener, you can quickly find trending assets that may soon encounter a reversal. Our analyzer looks at the RSI value of the most recently closed bar to determine if the […]

CCI Screener Guide

CCI Screener Guide CCI Screener is a commonly employed CCI scanner that measures the momentum of a financial asset and recognizes oversold and overbought circumstances. Using Finansya screener, you can immediately identify securities that have been trending and may shortly reverse. Our analyzer looks at the CCI value of the most recent closed candle to […]

Range Screener Guide

Range Screener Guide Finansya Range Screener is a powerful technical analysis tool designed to scan and analyze the price range of all financial assets such as currency pairs, commodities, and indices over a specific timeframe. Hence, our Range Analyzer is your ultimate multi-currency range scanner that can be used for analyzing Forex and index as […]