Bank Levels Indicator Guide

The Bank level indicator in Tradingview is a technical indicator that can help Forex traders to make a profit in a simple way. Bank level is a critical point identified by this MT5 indicator. Therefore they are an essential tool to determine market psychology. This concept used by Forex traders to control price levels on MT4 charts and acts as a barrier preventing the price to move in a certain direction. In this course, we will discuss the bank levels concept before and then understand this MT4 indicator. 

Bank Level Indicator Guideline

Bank Level Indicator FAQ

How to use the Bank level indicator ?

The bank level Strategy is similar to the concept of “support and resistance”. S&R is one of the most important pillars in trading among all the aspects of technical analysis in mt5. They allow Forex traders to understand, investigate and act on the technical configurations described on the financial market in Tradingview as an example. Also, they are very simple concepts used by traders to analyze an mt5 chart quickly and allow them to determine the direction of the market, timing to enter the market, and fixing points to exit the market at either profit or loss. Support represents a downer level achieved over time due to an increase in buy orders. While resistance represents an upper level achieved over time due to an increase in sell orders.


What is the bank level indicator ?

The MT4 bank level indicator is an indicator used by the bank. In fact, it corresponds to the levels by which banks can set their large orders. In addition, this tradingview indicator helps Forex traders to make short terms trading. Moreover, it helps to follow the direction (entry and exit) and to make reversal trading, so to better trade.

What is the notion of forex levels ?

The MT5 forex BL indicator helps traders to predict the price breakout and future currency price moves. Hence it presents two dynamic signal lines on the chart. The first line refers to the current day generally in green and the second one refers to the next day and is colored in lime.

Forex Bank level indicator

Download Bank levels indicator for MT4

The bank level MT4 indicator draws bank levels from a minimum of three days to a maximum of ten days. This MT4 indicator is best to use for trade, either the breakout or the pullback, and to know the change in the price levels whether it breaks the highest or the lowest level. Above all, by using this indicator in the MetaTrader 4 platform you can then adjust your personalized parameters. Like the period (from three to ten days), the color (for upper and downer levels). Moreover, the BL MT4 indicator gives better results when you add with it other technical indicators, such as Round level indicator, Grid round number indicator…

Bank level indicator for MT4-rp
Bank Level Indicator MT4

Download Bank levels indicator for MT5

The MT5 Bank levels indicator has a perfect trend system that adds to your MetaTrader 5 chart the major psychological levels, consequently, you can know easily if there are breakout or reversal trades. Moreover, you draw Bank levels in the chart like support and resistance levels. The graph below presents the BL in the MT5 platform.

Bank level indicator MT5

Download Bank level indicator for Tradingview

This Tradingview indicator is a simple forex indicator that you can use in the tradingview platform to facilitate trading. The chart below represents the different buy and sell signals on the Tradingview, thus, you can buy a breakout when you have a buy trigger and you can sell a breakout when you have a sell trigger.

Tradingview differs from Metatrader platforms as you can find the majority of indicators there. For instance, the bank level indicator is a custom indicator that you can not find by default in MetaTrader. While it is available in tradingview.

Bank Level Indicator for Tradingview


This MT4 indicator displays levels for short-term trading. In fact, these levels are used to improve trading in Metatrader, and Tradingview platforms, by controlling entries and exits. it can be used with any forex trading system.

Key takeaways

  • A bank level indicator in MetaTrader is a tool used by banks to place their large orders.
  • This Tradingview indicator help traders to follow their directions and to make reveal trading.
  • It encourages Forex traders to make short-term trading in MT5.