Belkhayate Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

The belkhayate system is a trading technique developed by Mostafa Belkhayate. To clarify, the system consists of indicators that estimate the center of gravity of the market movement. However, Belkhayate trading indicators are now very popular as they have over 80% winning ratio. This trading system can be applied at any timeframe and currency pairs. In this course, we will discuss the Belkhayate system, and explain Belkhayate indicators that are based on Belkhayate gravity center. 

Belkhayate system FAQ

Who is Mostafa Belkhayate ?

Mostafa Belkhayate is Marocan trader. He left Maroc at age of 8 with his family and he spent all his childhood in Dakar, Senegal. Then he continued his university career in Paris and graduated with a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Paris-Nanterre. He started his career as a trader for Credit Suisse. In 1999 he won the World Trading Championship on futures markets organized by the Association of International Traders in Geneva. And in 2009 won the gold trophy for a best graphic and technical analyst at the technical analysis fair in Paris. In 2012 Belkhayate won first place at the international trading algorithm competition in Los Angeles with his system of automatic trading robot.

And in 2014 developed Gold Reserve SUKUK in Dubai, which represents the first gold-backed bond and complies with the local regulation of the country, which enables investors to invest in gold. In 2015 he obtained the Islamic finance leader trophy for his financial engineering system designed for Africa, during the World Islamic Forum in Malaysia. In 2018 and 2019 the “financial Afrik” magazine ranked him among the 100 personalities who are moves Africa.

What is Belkhayate trading system ?

The Belkhayate system is based on the assumption of the center of gravity. However, the system consists of a forex predictor indicator for a market crash and 2 timing oscillator indicators. It can be used at any timeframe and currency pairs. But most forex traders use “H1” timeframe. Indeed, the Blekhayate indicator measures the center of gravity of market movements to help traders identify the profitable areas of interest to buy or sell, potential price reversal, open trades, and entry points.

Also, it allows traders to have an immediate idea of the potential movement of any type of market (commodities, currency, forex, shares, stocks, CFDs). It can be used by beginners and professional traders. Moreover, it is based on 2 laws: physical law and mathematical law. The Belkhayate principle is very simple which stipulates that we can always measure the center of gravity of the market movement whatever the volatility is.

belkhayate trading system

Belkhayate indicators

The Belkhayate system is based on three main indicators which work with each other. Belkhayate indicators are based on the concept of center of gravity of the market movement. The first indicator called the “MBFX trading system indicator” or “Belkhayate Barycenter”. It displays on the main price chart by seven parallel lines. These lines act as forex support and resistance lines. However, the second and the third indicators are “timing” indicators. One called “MBFX timing indicator” and the other “MBFX Belkhayate Timing”. They measure the static center of gravity. And they display in a separate window below the price chart. 

The Belkhayate barycenter indicator

Belkhayate barycenter indicator employs a mathematical formula to calculate the center of gravity of the movement of any type of market by oscillating at its base and extremities. It is connected to the golden ratio of 1.618. In fact, it allows you at a glance to know whether the trend is bullish, bearish, or flat thanks to its central line. This indicator consists of 7 dynamic lines:

  • A blue line that illustrates the center of gravity.
  • 2 gray lines one above and one below the central line. Represent supports and resistances lines where the prices bounce on them or cross them before turning back to its central line.
  • The red and green lines represent the two furthest zones from the center of gravity. They indicate once the price reaches them it can not continue progressing in that direction. They will tend to return to their center of gravity ( the blue line). However, they represent buy (green lines) and sell (red lines) zones.
Gravity center mt4 free download

MBFX timing indicator

The MBFX Timing forex indicator is similar to the popular oscillator indicator “RSI”. Therefore it consists of a line that oscillates between 0 and 100 located below the price chart. This line illustrates three different colors. Green when the market is in an uptrend, orange when it is in a downtrend, and yellow for the sideway. If the index exceeds level 70, then the color change from green to yellow. This indicates a sell signal. Otherwise, if the index goes below level 30, then the color change from orange to yellow which indicates a buy signal.

MBFX Belkhayate Timing

The MBFX Blekhayate Timing is also displayed in a separate window below the price chart. It oscillates between 15 and -15. Where 4/8 at the above side is a sell zone and -4/-8 at the bellow side is a buy zone.

Belkhayate indicators in MT5

How to trade Mostafa Belkhayate system ?

To trade the Belkhayate system you have to understand the three Belkhayate indicators. The barycenter indicator that is used to measure the center of gravity and the two timing indicators that are used as confirmation tools. Therefore, when the price reaches the buy or sell trading zones according to the Belkhayate barycenter indicator we will look for a level above 70 for the MBFX timing indicator and 4/8 levels for the MBFX Belkhayate Timing indicator. And vice versa. Moreover, in long and short positions, Take profit will be the center line (blue line).

Some tips

  • Do not take a position against the center of gravity.
  • Enter a long position when the market is below the bullish center of gravity.
  • Enter a short position when the market is above the COG.
  • Use bands to set Take-profit and stop-loss. Keep in mind that when the market moves further away from the center of gravity. the more the probability that it will return there increases.


The belkhayate system innovated by Mostafa Belkhayate is based on the center of gravity concept of the market movement. To explain, it consists of three indicators. First, the barycenter indicator. Also, two timing indicators. However, it is used to identify profitable buy and sell areas. The Belkhayate indicators can be used at any time frame and currency pairs.