Buy Sell Indicator Guide

Buy and sell signals indicator provides MT4 forex traders valuable insights into market trends. In fact, it allows you to identify potential entry and exit points with superb accuracy. Hence, whether you are a professional trader or just starting out, finding the right buy and sell signals indicator can significantly improve your chances of success in MT5 markets. As it provides you with priceless entry and exit signals on the chart. In this course, we will explore how buy sell arrows indicator can guide you to make smarter tradingview choices and maximize your potential profits.

Buy sell indicator guide with arrows signals for forex traders

Buy Sell Indicator FAQ

What is the Buy Sell signals indicator?

Utilizing some trading indicators may occasionally be confusing. Because it is difficult to master the many lines, colors, and numbers. Thankfully, one simple indicator facilitates FX trading. We suggest the Buy Sell indicator with easy signals for you.

The Buy Sell indicator for Metatrader is a combination of multiple indicators. It does not conduct complex indications. To explain, it only comes with non-repaint signals that tell you when to buy and sell. In addition to entry points, it also furnishes reasonable exit points. Which causes it to fit both novice and proficient traders.

How to trade buy and sell arrows using the indicator?

The Buy Sell arrows indicator is ideal for lower medium-term timeframes (M15, M30, H1, H2) during the London and New York sessions when the market is more volatile. The nicest aspect is that you may trade any currency pair with it. Nevertheless, the indicator should not be used on vacations or during important economic news.
Now, let us explain buy and sell arrows of this technical tool.

The buy sell indication, as seen on the chart, tends to identify trends while also pointing out probable highs and lows where you may set your stops. A quick glance at the indicator indicates that it works best when the markets are trending. When there is a brief period of sideways consolidation, however, the signal might be deceptive.

Buy and Sell signals indicator

Green arrows (buy signals)

The indicator displays green arrows as buy signals. These heading-up signs indicate that it is time to join a long trade. The best detail in the buy and sell indicator is that it calculates the greatest profit for a long position. The example above reveals a maximum profit of 160.2 pips. Consequently, traders may consider green arrows as robust buy signals. Also, these buy arrows are strong bullish reversal alerts.

Red arrows (sell signals)

The indicator exhibits red arrows as sell signals. These pointing-down alerts indicate that it is time to join a short trade. The best detail in the buy & sell indicator is that it computes the highest profit for a short position. The later example discloses a max profit of 185.7 pips. Accordingly, investors can consider red arrows as strong sell signals. Alike, these sell arrows are robust bearish reversal signs.

Let us explore how to implement strategies based on buy and sell signals in the next two sections.

Momentum dots buy and sell strategy

Momentum strategy is one of the most important buy and sell indications that prices would move strongly in one direction. For detecting such momentum movement, the Buy Sell Signals indicator can be a very valuable tool. On the one hand, when the indicator identifies a bullish momentum, it draws green dots. Likewise, when it detects a bearish momentum move, it draws red dots. It also mails alerts anytime it finds a potential momentum signal.

Bullish example

The following Euro, US dollar graph displays bullish and bearish dot signals. To clarify, the green dots below the candles suggest a suitable entry point to buy the Forex pair. Hence, green dots are momentum bullish signals. FX traders can begin long trades when these bullish alerts appear on the trading chart. In other words, you could follow this long setup:

  • Find the bullish momentum dot on the chart
  • Fix a stop-loss beneath the most current low
  • Exit when you attain your profit target
Bullish and bearish signals

Bearish example

Conversely, the red dots above the candlesticks indicate an appropriate entry-level to sell the FX pair. Thus, red dots on the EURUSD chart stand for momentum bearish signals. Forex traders may initiate short trades once these bearish signs arise on the graph. That is to say, you might follow this short setup:

  • Locate the bearish momentum dot on the graph
  • Fix a stop-loss further the most contemporary high
  • Exit once the trend reverses

Reversal dots buy and sell strategy

In addition to buy and sell dots, the indicator displays reversal dots on the trading graph. In fact, white dots represent potential bullish reversal signals. The main benefit is that they can be an early entry point for buying positions. Moreover, yellow dots denote potential bearish reversal signals. The primary advantage is that they serve as early entry levels for selling positions. Yet, these reversal signals of this buy-and-sell scalper remain risky.


On this Australian dollar, and Canadian dollar graph, we can notice that the later discussed reversal arose. Here, buyers may enter with the white dot signal. In contrast, sellers can enter with the yellow dot signal.

Reversal signals

Does buy and sell indicator repaint?

Buy and sell indicator does not repaint arrows and maintains its signals once they are generated. This is regardless of the subsequent market movements or the new data available. In fact, it provides a more accurate representation of historical signals. That is why it is preferred by traders seeking a reliable trading strategy. Backtesting may help you confirm whether the technical repaints buy and sell signals.

Download the Buy Sell indicator for MT4

Buy Sell MT4 Indicator is a popular no repaint trading tool in the forex market. It performs exactly as a buy-sell arrow scalper. While it performs effectively in a strongly trending market, its performance may vary in a tightly-ranging condition. Besides, this indicator serves as a reference point for traders to make buying or selling decisions based on arrow signals.
By utilizing the accurate buy and sell indicator in MT4, traders gain the ability to trade across various time frames. Here is how the indicator functions in MetaTrader 4 terminal:

  • Execute a buy trade when a green arrow appears
  • Execute a sell trade when a red arrow is emerging
buy and sell arrows indicator in MT4

Download the Buy Sell indicator for MT5

Buy sell MT5 indicator provides FX traders with no repaint arrow signals on a trading chart. This technical tool generates arrows that serve as signals to indicate whether to buy or sell based on the prevailing trend move. Essentially, it utilizes historical data to forecast the probable direction of future trends. Following this analysis, traders can then identify optimal buy and sell signals in the MetaTrader 5 platform. In short, arrows are potential reversal signs of the prevailing trend direction. Below the MT5 indicator displays the most accurate buy and sell signals on the AUDCAD M30 graph:

buy and sell signals indicator in MT5

Download the Buy Sell indicator for Tradingview

Buy Sell Indicator exhibits accurate buying and selling signals on the TradingView chart. Traders employ this decisive tool to analyze market trends. Hence, to make informed trading decisions. This forex indicator provides valuable insights by generating the most accurate buy and sell arrow signals on Tradingview. That is based on various technical analysis techniques. Also, traders can customize the parameters of the indicator to suit their trading strategies and preferences. With the Buy Sell Indicator in TradingView, traders gain the ability to identify potential entry and exit points. Which allows them to navigate the dynamic nature of the financial markets with greater precision and confidence.

Buy & Sell TradingView Indicator


The Buy & Sell arrows indicators offer simple and effective signals for entering short and long positions in trading. By identifying the green and red arrows and considering the recommended stop loss, traders can make informed decisions. This type of indicator is available for free, making them accessible to both expert and novice traders. However, it is important to note that while these indicators provide valuable insights, it is advisable to supplement them with additional analysis and tools. The forex market is unpredictable, and traders should exercise caution, carefully analyzing market conditions before making any hasty decisions.