CCI Screener Guide

CCI Screener is a commonly employed CCI scanner that measures the momentum of a financial asset and recognizes oversold and overbought circumstances. Using Finansya screener, you can immediately identify securities that have been trending and may shortly reverse. Our analyzer looks at the CCI value of the most recent closed candle to see if the asset is overbought or oversold.

CCI Analyzer Guideline for forex traders

CCI Scanner FAQ

What is a CCI screener ?

CCI screener scans the financial market and pinpoints securities that match particular CCI criteria, such as a specific CCI number or a change in CCI value over time. This can assist traders and investors in identifying prospective trading opportunities or signals to buy or sell a specific security. The CCI scanner is available for free as a forex analyzer on our website.

How does CCI screener work ?

CCI screener is a technical analysis tool that uses Commodity Channel Index (CCI) signals to discover prospective trading opportunities or alerts. The CCI is a versatile oscillator that evaluates an asset’s price divergence from its statistical average. It ranges from -100 to +100. Readings over +100 indicate overbought situations. However, Values below -100 indicate oversold conditions.

What are the benefits of using it ?

The benefits of using a CCI screener include:

  • Identifying trend reversals: CCI signals can help traders identify potential trend reversals in an asset’s price. Which can be valuable in making long or short decisions.
  • Time-saving: A CCI analyzer can help traders quickly identify financial instruments that meet their criteria for CCI levels, saving them time in manually searching through big data amounts.
  • Customizable search criteria: CCI scanners can be customized to explore specific CCI levels, time periods, and other criteria to find assets that meet investors’ specific needs.
  • Objective analysis: CCI analyzers provide an objective analysis of an asset’s CCI level, removing any emotional bias that an investor might have when analyzing the security.

Overall, a CCI screener can be a valuable tool for traders who are looking to identify potential long or short opportunities based on CCI signals.

How to trade using a CCI screener ?

One manner to use the CCI to identify potential trades is by using a CCI screener. A CCI scanner can save traders time by recognizing potential trades that meet their CCI criteria.

Here are some steps to follow when using a CCI analyzer:

Set CCI Criteria

First, set your CCI criteria. To clarify, specify the CCI values that you want the scanner to examine. For example, you may want to find commodities with CCI values above 100 for potentially overbought conditions.

CCI Scanner criteria

Scan the market based on CCI

After setting your RSI criteria into the scanner, you may alike want to choose numerous financial assets to analyze.

CCI Screener signals

Review results

After the screener has done scanning, go over the results to find prospective trading opportunities that suit your criteria. You can then undertake additional analysis to evaluate whether these transactions are appropriate for your portfolio.

The Key features of CCI Scanner

Finansya CCI screener includes key features such as:

  • Customizable search criteria: Online investors may set their own search criteria. Hence, they can fix and revise CCI levels, time periods, and the type of financial assets.
  • Customizable alerts: The analyzer allows investors to get Customizable alerts based on specific CCI values. Which alerts them when the security meets their oversold/overbought criteria.
  • 100% Free online CCI Screener

Does it provide real-time data?

Finansya CCI scanner provides investors with real-time data. Which allows them to make on-time decisions based on up-to-date facts. To explain, our analyzer scans the CCI value of the last closed candle to check whether the asset is overbought or oversold.


Finally, a CCI screener or scanner can help traders and investors locate prospective trading opportunities by using the CCI. You can locate prospective trades that satisfy your precise CCI criteria by setting your CCI criteria, selecting a screener or scanner, entering your criteria, and checking the results. Always do additional study and due diligence before entering any trades based on CCI signals.