Currency Strength Meter Indicator Guide

The Currency Strength Meter Indicator, a widely-used technical tool for MT5, effectively showcases the potency of various forex currency pairs. True to its name, this meter gauges the vigor of different forex pairs. Unlike its MT4 counterpart, which utilizes both live and historical data to swiftly display the strongest and weakest currencies, the MT5 version leverages exchange rates from numerous pairs. It computes the potency across all pairs, subsequently applying specific measures to ascertain the individual strength of each currency. Our discourse will delve into the nuances of the Currency Strength Meter Indicator, focusing on its utility in Tradingview and MetaTrader platforms.

Currency Strength Meter Indicator Guideline

Currency Strength Meter FAQ

What is the currency strength meter ?

The Currency Strength Meter Indicator stands as an indispensable tool for forex traders worldwide. This instrument offers a vivid representation of any currency’s strength and weaknesses, presenting itself as a histogram or table alongside the price chart. The varying hues of the display serve to communicate distinct conditions: red signifies a very weak currency, orange indicates weakness, light green symbolizes strength, and lime represents very strong currency.

In its capacity to swiftly guide decision-making, the Currency Strength Meter proves invaluable, preventing the loss of time and potential opportunities. By determining each currency’s strength, traders can discern which currencies to acquire and which to discard.

Furthermore, the Currency Strength Meter performs a comprehensive analysis of relative currency strength among major forex pairs. It essentially operates as a matrix, revealing which currency has been, or is likely to be, strong or weak. This forward-looking indicator reports the relative strength of one currency against all other majors, essentially functioning as a robust signal for evaluating strength or weakness among major forex currencies.

  • Multi-currency strength meter

Currency strength indicator is classified as a multi-currency strength meter for MT5. Because it measures and displays the strength of various currencies. But, the most preferred currencies are:

  • USD: United States dollar
  • EUR: Euro
  • GBP: Pound Sterling
  • AUD: Australian Dollar
  • NZD: New Zealand dollar
  • CAD: Canadian dollar
  • CHF: Swiss franc
  • JPY: Japanese Yen
Currency Strength Meter visual representation with currency flags and relative strength indicators.
  • Multi-timeframe currency strength meter

Furthermore, our currency strength MT5 indicator is classified as a multi-timeframe dynamic dashboard that updates regularly. In short, this currency strength indicator for MT5 displays a currency strength summary for various timeframes. But, the most favored timeframes are:

M15: 15-minutes
H1: 1-hour
H4: 4-hours
D1: 1-day
W1: 1-week
MN: 1-month.

Multi-Timeframe Currency Strength Meter with currency flags and strength indicators for different timeframes.

How does currency strength meter work ?

Let’s delve into the workings of the Currency Strength Meter. The process is fairly straightforward, encompassing these simple steps:

Initially, the Currency Strength Meter pinpoints the base currency. Subsequently, it pairs this base currency with all other currencies available in the forex market. This indicator then gauges the relative strength of each paired currency, considering factors like the percentage of change and volume. Ultimately, it determines an average score, falling within the 0 to 10 range.

With these steps complete, the Currency Strength Meter offers a holistic view of the strengths and weaknesses of various currency pairs. The beauty of this tool is its simplicity for the user – it’s essentially one of the best forex indicators that does all the heavy lifting for you. Once it’s affixed to your chart, a table emerges, showcasing the strongest and weakest currencies. This serves as an immediate indicator of whether market conditions have a positive or negative impact on your positions.

How to Trade with the currency strength meter ?

There are numerous strategies for trading with the Currency Strength Meter Indicator. For example, if you choose to trade along with the trends, this indicator assists you in pinpointing the most robust trend and provides information about the strongest and weakest currency pairs. Similarly, if range trading is your preference, you can deploy this tool to detect suitable ranges for various currency pairs.

An essential concept to grasp is that a currency’s strength is dictated by the timeframe set for it. For instance, while the USD might be strong within today’s timeframe, it could fall among the weakest in a monthly view. The selection of timeframe is inherently linked to your forex trading strategy. For long-term trading, monthly data is crucial. Conversely, for intra-day trading, recent data is of the essence.

How do traders predict currency strength?

Predicting currency strength is a nuanced process, drawing on the analysis of a variety of economic, financial, and geopolitical factors influencing a currency’s value in the forex market. In this context, analysts and traders typically resort to several key methods and factors.

  • Firstly, market sentiment and speculation come into play. It’s crucial to note that the sentiments and speculative activities of traders can wield significant influence over currency markets. Global events and news, for instance, can quickly alter market sentiment, thereby affecting the strength of a currency. As an example, if a risk of war emerges, investors might retreat from their investments in the potentially impacted country, leading to a weakened currency.
  • Secondly, technical analysis serves as an important tool. Traders, by examining historical price data and identifying potential trends in currency pairs using technical indicators and chart patterns, can anticipate future movements. For instance, should a currency pair show a sustained downtrend over several weeks, it is probable that the weakening pattern will continue.
  • Lastly, understanding correlations between various currencies can offer insightful predictions about potential currency strengths or weaknesses. If the US dollar is experiencing an upward trend, it’s likely that other currencies correlated with the US dollar will also see a strengthening.

Despite these strategies, it’s vital to bear in mind that predicting currency strength is a complex task, and no single method guarantees pinpoint accuracy. Traders and analysts often combine these factors. They should also keep a vigilant eye on global events to make informed predictions.

Why do traders use this indicator?

The Currency Strength Meter serves as a highly valuable short-term indicator. It equips traders with the ability to sidestep unnecessary forex hedging and double exposure, and also assesses the risk level of newly-entered forex trades.

Additionally, it proves invaluable to scalpers and day traders, swiftly directing them towards profitable currencies. For short-term speculations, the precision of the Currency Strength Meter is invaluable. It is offering a clear snapshot of a currency’s current strength. Some traders. It utilizes it to cross-verify information gathered from other technical tools. It reinforces its position as an essential component of any robust trading strategy.

Download Currency Strength meter indicator for MT4

The Currency Strength Meter Indicator for MT4 ( Metatrader 4) is hailed as one of the most straightforward indicators. Available for free download, it appears conveniently adjacent to the price chart. This MT4 indicator takes the form of a table or histogram, displaying the strength of individual currencies. It accomplishes this by continuously tracking the performance of these currencies against all others. As a result, it equips forex traders with the ability to identify bearish and bullish currencies. And it form the optimal currency pair for trading.

Step-by-step guide on using Currency Strength Meter indicator on MetaTrader 4.

Download Currency Strength meter indicator for MT5

Primarily, the Currency Strength Meter Indicator for MT5, also referred to as the MetaTrader 5 Currency Power Meter, is an indicator specifically developed to calculate the individual strengths of currencies. This custom MT5 indicator serves as a valuable tool, particularly in facilitating the decision-making process for forex traders. It essentially aids them in identifying the most beneficial currency to trade.

Subsequently, this leads to significant savings in both time and effort, streamlining the overall trading process. For enhanced comprehension, the indicator visually signifies each currency’s strength using a color-coding system, while also assigning a numerical value. This dual representation ensures a more accurate and precise understanding of the currency strengths.

Step-by-step guide on using Currency Strength Meter indicator on MetaTrader 5.

Download Currency strength meter indicator Tradingview

The Currency Strength Meter Indicator for TradingView, first and foremost, is a unique tool accessible on the TradingView platform. As demonstrated in the image provided below, this indicator displays the strengths and weaknesses of various currencies using a color-coded table.

Significantly, it’s recognized as a multi-timeframe indicator, offering a broader perspective on currency performance. Consequently, it provides an ideal method for ascertaining whether a currency’s value is on an upward trend or experiencing a decline across multiple timeframes.

Step-by-step guide on using Currency Strength Meter indicator on TradingView.


The Currency Strength Meter is a straightforward yet potent technical Indicator. Primarily, it equips forex traders with crucial information about the most profitable currencies, distinguishing the strongest from the weakest.

In its operation, it employs a simple yet effective signaling mechanism using colors and numerical values. This provides a visually intuitive understanding for the users, making trading decisions more effortless.

Furthermore, the versatility of this indicator shines through as it is compatible with all currency pairs and timeframes, making it adaptable to varied trading strategies.

For an even more nuanced approach, you might consider pairing it with another indicator. This combination can heighten the accuracy of signals, leading to more robust and informed trading decisions.