Forex Sentiment Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

Forex sentiment indicator for mt4 analyzes the investors’ sentiments in financial exchanges. It helps traders gain money in the forex exchange. However, market sentiment can fluctuate depending on exterior factors like inflation, increase in interest rate. For that, traders use the forex sentiment MT5 indicator which provides a picture of how the other traders feel about a certain market. Moreover, it reveals the behavior of other traders of all knowledge levels. In this course, we will discuss the forex sentiment indicator for Tradingview and MetaTrader in order to understand it well and know why and how to trade with it.

Forex Sentiment Indicator FAQ

What is Forex Sentiment Indicator ?

Forex sentiment Indicator designed to exhibit how big players feel about the market. Therefore, it shows the percentage ratio of buyers and sellers. Once you install this tool, the chart will exhibit the data in the form of a scale. this scale indicates the number of opened positions of the FX market participants in a currency pair. Moreover, The indicator scale displays two parts. the first one is blue and shows the sentiment of the buyers and the second one is red and shows the sentiment of the sellers. If the red part is larger than the blue part, it is a signal to go short. Therefore, forex traders can use this tool to see how market sentiment fluctuates as well as the overall signal, whether it is bearish or bullish.

Graphical representation showing the power dynamics between buyers and sellers in the Forex market.

How traders can track Forex Sentiment ?

Forex sentiment enables you to update the data manually with a simple click. So, to do that you need to hover the cursor over the time displayed on the indicator then click on the left button of the mouse. After that, the buy and sell ratio and the time will be updated. However, when you keep the indicator updated every five minutes when trading on timeframes:  M1- M5, you can then feel the pulse of the market. this will help you to respond instantly to the ratio changes. This indicator can be very useful when using it by intraday and mid-term traders also by scalpers. It depends on the duration of holding open positions and your objectives. Traders can also draw the forex sentiment in the form of a histogram or line. Therefore, it allows you to trade in the direction of big traders it becomes an essential tool for decision making.
A detailed infographic explaining methods to track buyer and seller sentiments in the market.

How to trade with it?

To trade profitably with the forex sentiment indicator Tradingview you have to keep in mind the following notices:

Potential buy trades: There is a buy signal when the power of buyers is:

  • 60%: which means that there is a light dominance of buyers.
  • 70%: means an apparent dominance of buyers. 
  • 80%: mean most of the market players are buyers. 
  • 90% or more: means there is strong domination of buyers, practically no sellers in the market.

Potential sell trades: There is a signal of sell when the power of sellers is:

  • 60%: means there is a weak dominance of sellers.
  • 70%: means an obvious dominant of sellers.
  • 80%: this means most of the participants in the market are sellers.
  • 90% or more: There is strong superiority of sellers, so basically no buyers in the market.


Assume that there are 100 participants in the forex market trading a certain currency pair based on the orders stream. If 65 of them are taking long and 35 short, this means that 65% of traders are taking long in that currency pair, and the other 35% the inverse. When the percentage of traders in a position reaches a high level the sentiment indicator becomes very helpful as it facilitates the work to traders.

Download Forex sentiment indicator for MT4

Forex sentiment indicator for MT4 displays and measures the percentage ratio between buyers and sellers in Metatrader 4. Therefore, it helps traders to see the changes that occur in almost any marketplace. This MT4 indicator can be used in conjunction with other trading techniques to filter out wrong entries. you can update manually the time and the buy and sell ratio in your MetaTrader 4 platform.

Download Forex sentiment indicator for MT5

Forex sentiment MT5 indicator offers you a scale next to the chart price in MetaTrader 5 which shows how many positions are opened by the market players in a certain currency pair or currency strength. Moreover, this MT5 indicator enables traders to draw it in a histogram or line which displays it in a separate window below the main chart. It is very useful for decision-making.

An informative diagram demonstrating the use of the Market Sentiment Indicator in MetaTrader 5 (MT5).


Forex sentiment indicator could be employed to determine the positioning across various assets. It tells you the percentage of traders buying and selling, sentiment changes, and the signal (bearish, bullish, or mixed). This indicator is very helpful for making good and quick decisions. Also, it can help to enhance technical analysis and trade more consistently and understanding the market system

Key takeaways

  • Forex sentiment provides a picture of how the other participants feel in the market about a certain currency pair.
  • It shows the percentage ratio of buyers and sellers in the chart.
  • This indicator help traders to see how the market is moving.
  • It can be used with any sort of market and timeframes. 
  • You can update it manually, also you can draw it in a histogram.