Half Trend indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

half trend indicator is a buy and sell indicator with high probability entry and exit levels on the MT5 chart. In fact, this live trend finder determines current bull and bear movements. Then plots the recent market direction on the chart. That is why many crypto and forex traders employ this MetaTrader indicator in order to detect the market direction. In other words, to catch prevailing or beginning moves. To clarify, the half trend is a non-repainting MT4 indicator that provides accurate long and short signals through arrows as entry levels. Moreover, that semi-trending buy and sell MT4 indicator provides reliable exit signals on the price chart. Hence, this indicator performs a trend strategy that plots the forward market trend in real time. Also, the half trend is a Tradingview indicator that provides strong forex signals on the FX market.

Half Trend Buy & Sell FAQ

What is half trend indicator ?

Half trend Indicator designates an accurate trend following system. The forex system aims to trade all currency pairs of the FX market using all timeframes on the trading chart. Consequently, this custom forex indicator suits all trading styles. In fact, its simplicity in establishing trend signals encourages novice traders to undertake real trading transactions. To explain, this trend finder emphasizes the maximal and Minimal prices in order to identify the market direction. That is to say, trend signals are displayed based on highs and lows.

The trend line of this indicator is able to disregard any deceptive indicators that result from rapid fluctuations in pricing within a defined period. Thus, the half-trend strategy provides traders with strong entry signals in the correct trending direction. Note that an increase in amplitude from settings would give fewer entry signals and would focus on the general trend direction for swing traders. In contrast, a decrease in this setting would result in more buy and sell signals for intraday forex compared to the previous situation.

How do you trade with half trend indicator?

The half trend buy and sell indicator computes the opening and closing price candles over the specified time period. Next, it applies a modified moving average calculation. Then it marks up an average line that signals the price movement. In fact, its slope works as a MA. To explain, The signal line outlines the prevailing trend direction through its color and its attached vertical lines. Also, the half trend detects the beginning of the market direction through arrows.

Buy signals example

The half trend prints a blue line accompanied by vertical lines below the indicator in a bullish market situation. To explain, the price is above the indicator in this case. Moreover, a beginning bull move is marked by a blue arrow pointing upside. Hence, the blue arrow is a buy signal. In fact, it acts as a long entry point. On this EURUSD chart example, bullish moves happen when buy conditions are satisfied.

half trend buy and sell

Sell signals example

However, in a bear market case, the half trend draws a red line associated with vertical lines above the indicator. To clarify, the price is below the indicator in this situation. Besides, a red arrow pointing downward marks a starting bearish movement. Therefore, the red arrow is a sell signal. In fact, it serves as a short entry point. Let us consider the above EURUSD chart example. Bearish moves occur when sell conditions are fulfilled.

Half trend formula

The half trend indicator computes the maximum price high and minimum price low. It is basically working to identify the market trend based on the moving average and suits all kinds of trading styles. However, the half tend MT4 indicator shows both the trend and the trade simultaneously. Moreover, this forex indicator help traders catch strong entry points and determine the possible trend direction.

Download Half trend indicator for MT4

Half trend indicator for MT4 sets pointing arrows in the market direction. In other words, it provides chartists with strong entry and exit signals. To explain, whenever it catches a new trend a pointing arrow appears. This semi-trend buy and sell indicator for  MetaTrader 4  is an accurate trend following indicator for online forex traders. Because that semi-trending indicator draws straight arrows as real-time forex signals to buy and sell currency pairs. In short, forex and indices traders use this MT4 Indicator for scalping and intraday trading in order to get reliable entry and exit signals. So, that analytic tool is an excellent indicator for trend trading across all available timeframes in the MT4 chart.

Using Half Trend Indicator on MT4

Download Half trend indicator for MT5

Half trend indicator for MT5 is driven by the trend direction of modified MAs that breach the most recent highs or lows. Thus, the analytical tool draws entry and exit levels with arrows. Moreover, it plots bullish and bearish areas on the  MetaTrader 5  chart based on the steepness of the average line. To explain, arrows enable intraday forex traders to trade short-term moves. Alternatively, areas along with arrows allow swing traders to detect the prevailing market direction. So the MT5 semi-trend buy and sell indicator permits online forex traders to identify the beginning trend through sloping arrows. But also the trend level via the average line. In short, this Metatrader 5 Indicator is suitable for all forex systems.

Using Half Trend Indicator on MT5


Half trend buy and sell indicator for MT4 provides no repaint signals. Thus, it’s a reliable indicator that does not redraw signals. Moreover, it assists forex traders with all necessary analytics to trade trending currency pairs. On the one hand, arrow signals are reliable entry and exit signals. On the other hand, the trend following average line highlights the trend strength in the MT5 chart. Furthermore, many chartists employ the half trend buy and sell indicator in Tradingview charts. So, it is an excellent forex trend trading tool.