Harmonic pattern Scanner indicator Guide

Harmonic Pattern Scanner indicator for MT4 or MT5 detects comprehensive patterns to predict likely turning moments on Metatrader 5 charts. That is why harmonic patterns are referred to as turning point patterns. First, this pattern finder MT4 indicator is suitable for long-term and short-term Forex traders to spot existing and emerging harmonic formations. Second, manual detection of harmonics is painfully boring when trading cryptocurrencies. To explain, manual pattern recognition can be time-consuming. So, this indicator for Tradingview automates the detection process of the harmonic pattern. Third, there may be a subjective detection if harmonics are drawn manually. In short, Forex and crypto chartists would get more logic and accurate formations using the harmonic pattern strategy.

Harmonic Patterns indicator Guideline

Harmonic pattern Indicator FAQ

What is harmonic pattern indicator ?

Harmonic pattern Scanner based on Patterns refers to a geometric structure. That structure is based on Fibo extensions. Harmonic formations are often employed on high timeframe charts. Consequently, Forex swing traders use them for Long-term trading. To explain, daily and weekly charts are the best periods for harmonics trading. These harmonic structures were originally introduced by H.M Gartley in 1935 in his book “Profits in the Stock Market”. Hence, the most popular harmonic is named the Gartley pattern. Then, Scott M. Carney revitalized harmonics based on Fibo proportions in 1999 in his book “The Harmonic Trader”.

Famous Harmonic structures

The ABCD and the Gartley are the most widely used harmonic structures. However, traders need to learn how to trade the ABCD structure first. Because it delivers a solid floor to learn other complex formations. So, let us begin by studying the ABCD design.

The ABCD harmonic structure

The ABCD structure is also known as the “AB = CD pattern”. Since AB and CD legs are equal. While the BC leg represents a market correction. To summarize, the ABCD harmonic pattern indicator is composed of three lines:

  • AB represents a starting movement.
  • BC expresses a 61.8% retracing grade of the AB leg. Thus a correction move.
  • CD conveys a 127.2% extension of the previous BC correction.

The example below displays both bullish and bearish ABCD formations. To clarify, the D signal reveals a likely retraction location. Hence, the trader can initiate a buy or sell order near this signal.

ABCD harmonic pattern

The Gartley harmonic structure

The Gartley structure usually tracks significant tops and bottoms. On the one hand, a bullish Gartley looks like the M letter. Yet, a bearish one looks like the W letter. So, it is a five points structure. To summarize, Gartley is a XABCD formation composed of four lines:

  • The XA line is the beginning move
  • AB retraces from XA by approximately 61.8%
  • BC retraces anywhere by [38.2% – 88.6%] XA
  • CD retraces from XA by around 78.6%

Once the price hits D, it is time to make the trade. Below is a bullish Gartley structure.

Bullish Gartley harmonic pattern
Importance of Harmonic formations

Harmonic pattern indicator is so important to forecast geometric price movements. Harmonics naturally predict if the price is reversing or continuing in the same routine. Also, most chartists appreciate their accuracy on trading charts.

How to trade Harmonic Patterns indicator ?

The following CHFJPY H1 trading chart illustrates the harmonic pattern indicator. Chartists can identify a Bat harmonic structure on this chart. Then, they may trade the considered harmonic pattern. Yet, you can notice that the structure is somehow complex. Because there are many lines and numbers. Consequently, new traders are recommended to employ this indicator to get familiar with harmonic pattern structures. To learn them progressively. Yet, experienced forex traders can combine the indicator with the action of the price to get faithful signals. Also, This MetaTrader indicator suits all timeframes and currency pairs.

How to trade harmonic patterns

Download Harmonic pattern Scanner indicator for MT4

Harmonic pattern Scanner indicator for MT4 provide structures are more reliable. However, both of them aim to forecast the next price movement to maximize profits. First, these harmonic patterns are widespread in consolidating markets. Second, there are two types of harmonic structures. On the one hand, there are five-point retracement structures. For example, the Bat and the Gartley harmonic formations. On the other hand, there are five-point extension patterns. As an example, the Crab and the Butterfly harmonic extensions. Third, trading the harmonic pattern on the  MetaTrader 4  platform needs patience. because it is more precise over the long term. Hence, it best suits swing and position traders.

Crab HP mt4

Download Harmonic pattern Scanner indicator for MT5

Harmonic Pattern Scanner indicator for MT5 is a MetaTrader 5 harmonics scanner. It detects various harmonic patterns. Also, it provides traders with a completion interval of the harmonic formation. That is to say, with possible reversal areas. To explain, a pattern completion inside this interval is a strong pullback signal. Contrarily, if the price goes beyond this interval, there is a failure of the harmonic formation base on this free MT5 indicator.

Below is a Gartley pattern indicator illustration on an MT5 chart.

Gartley HP mt5

Download Harmonic pattern Scanner indicator for Tradingview

Harmonic pattern Scanner indicator for Tradingview is a non-repainting scanner of harmonic structures. Note that the harmonics are similar to wave patterns with five turning points. That is why this Tradingview indicator is very successful in identifying famous harmonic pattern formations. It scans them continuously to provide forex and index traders with the best trading results. In short, this free analytic tool assists chartists to open harmonic-based trades with entry, stop and target grades on the Tradingview platform.

Harmonic pattern indicator Tradingview


Chartists use the MT5 harmonic indicator to recognize and trade forex pattern structures like Shark Pattern. It displays various harmonic formations. Also, probable turning points, take-profit, and stop-loss targets. Yet, they can apply their own trading rules. Moreover, Forex and crypto traders are advised to confirm the geometric pattern with the price activity to generate higher success rates.