Higher High and Lower Low indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

Higher High and Lower Low MT4 indicator outlines, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, past and present levels in the MT5 chart. Then it connects highs and lows for each time period and displays the outcome as a rectangle area on the chart. From one part, the MT5 high and low indicator helps Forex as well as crypto investors to detect bullish or bearish directions within multiple timeframes. On the other hand, chartists could recognize the best buy and sell signals through trading high and low levels as entry and exit targets on the MT5 chart. Our course intends to furnish Forex traders with a deep understanding of high and low levels. It will also involve the forex Tradingview indicator that draws high and low levels for various time periodse

Higher High and Lower Low indicator FAQ

What is Higher High and Lower Low indicator ?

higher Higher and lower Low indicator provide levels system designates the previous max and min trading zone levels reached by the price at the specified timeframe. Often, these levels aim to follow the overall market progress over time. Moreover, they could be daily, weekly, or monthly.
To explain, when the recent high is lower than past highs, then traders regard the present trading price as cheap. This can attract buyers and produce buying pressure. Consequently, that would support the price and push it up. Thus, a supporting level forms. In contrast, when the current low is higher than past lows, then chartists view the current market price as expensive. This strategy may attract sellers and create selling pressure. As a result, that would resist to price and drive it down. Thus a resisting level shapes.
In conclusion, Forex traders consider highs and lows as support and resistance levels on the chart.

Daily levels

Daily levels correspond to the highest and lowest prices that the market has attained. Over shorter timeframes, intraday traders use previous high and low daily levels. Using an H4 chart and a daily high and low levels indicator altogether the Forex trader could understand price evolution over the short term. Thus daily levels are very useful for day and forex trading systems.

Weekly levels

Chartists can use past weekly highs and lows as an intermediate phase between other levels. To explain, this technical trading system targets weekly highs and lows levels if the daily ones are broken. Yet, if the weekly levels are broken themselves, the target becomes monthly highs and lows. In short, this swing system considers all levels before making any trading decision.

Chart displaying important monthly, weekly, and daily trading levels for a specific forex currency pair.

Monthly levels

Instead of doing it manually, this technical indicator automatically marks previous monthly high and low levels. Chartists could use a D1 chart to detect patterns near the monthly levels before initiating trades. Because the action of the price is more reliable over longer timeframes. To clarify, Monthly levels give insights about price activity over the long term.

How to use it?

The importance of having the past daily, weekly, or monthly highs and lows marked-up and projected on your trading chart is that when you shift to a shorter timeframe, especially M30, H1, and H4, you will get the same chart even clearer. In other words, chartists will have insights into the timing of breaking or retracing from daily high or low for example using an hourly timeframe on the chart. because the highs and lows of the previous trading session act as projections of resistant and supporting grades as we discussed before. Hence, the breakout or the pullback from these high and low grades may serve as entry levels of new trades or exit levels of existing trades.

Graph highlighting the previous day's high and low points in a trading chart

The major importance of the high and low indicator is that it quickly and automatically plots daily, weekly, and, monthly highs and lows on your desired chart and chosen timeframe as a time-saving and informative levels tool. Instead of marking highs and lows manually, traders can simply use this automatic indicator to spot these daily, weekly, and, monthly levels.

Download Higher High and lower Low indicator for MT4

The MT4 Highs and lows indicator is helpful to visualize whether the market is proceeding towards breaking high and low levels of a specific period on the  MetaTrader 4  chart. In fact, the high band can be a resistivity level. Contrarily, the low band can be a supporting level for price appreciation. So the highs and lows indicator enables chartists to identify probable entrance levels over multiple timeframes on the MT4 chart. In other words, This gives insights to locate trading opportunities for various time periods such as daily, weekly and monthly ones.

By viewing past high and low levels you may recognize buying and selling areas in order to forecast dominant trades at these levels. Keep in mind when such areas hold it is better to trade the level pullback. In contrast, when the price cracks these areas it is more adequate to trade the level breakout. Thus this MT4 levels indicator assists traders to detect buying and selling pressures near the high and/or low of the previous period.

Screenshot of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform illustrating how to identify and utilize higher highs and lower lows in market analysis.

Download Higher High and lower Low indicator for MT5

The high and low MT5 indicator plots an upper and a lower band in the  MetaTrader 5  chart. To clarify, These weekly and monthly bands suggest the maximum and minimum levels. Also, such bands may be utilized as entry and exit levels. To explain, when the price approaches the maximum level, traders look for a bearish price action signal before initiating a short trade. Conversely, when this price hits the minimum level, chartists seek a bullish price movement signal to initiate a long position.

The trading system consists in trading the high and low bands of the MT5 indicator as primary signals in accordance with the action of the price as a confirmation signal. Moreover, the higher the timeframe, the more reliable is the forex trading system. Note that this technical indicator draws the high band in blue and the low band in yellow on the MT5 platform. In conclusion, the highs and lows MT5 Indicator provides traders with trading opportunities by assisting them to detect forex patterns near maximum and minimum levels.

Screenshot of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform illustrating how to identify and apply higher highs and lower lows in market analysis.


The high and low MetaTrader indicator delivers forex traders an overall picture. Because it plots useful levels for numerous periods. Thus it assists chartists to manage their traders near these maximum and minimum levels over time. Also, this highs and lows Tradingview indicator is useful for individual and institutional traders. Because they are seeking to forecast bullish and bearish trends around buying and selling pressures.

Key takeaways

  • The indicator draws high and low levels on the Tradingview platform.
  • Breakouts and pullbacks could occur near the considered levels in the MT4 chart.
  • This MetaTrader indicator is employed by short-term traders that incorporate daily highs and lows levels in their forex system.
  • Swing traders consider all of the daily, weekly, and monthly levels before initiating any trade on their MT5 chart.