Market Break Structure Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

Market Break structure indicator that is built for MT4, has been considered among the more important tool in the trading world. As it gives traders the opportunity to see a new world of financial markets. Moreover, the market structure is also an MT5 indicator that helps traders to identify the direction of the price in the market. In this course, we will shed the light on market structure indicators in MetaTrader and Tradingview platforms. Explain what it is. How it works. So you can use it in your trading.

Market Structure Indicator FAQ

What is market structure break indicator ?

Break of structure indicator presented in drawing a channel around price action. Moreover, it draws support and resistance levels based on swing highs and swing lows. Market structure, which is considered as a form of price action, is necessary to select zones of rejection and possible breaks, to identify channels, likely reversal points, or breaks of a trend. That is why utilize them as S&R areas to take profit and stop loss. It is also a trend-following tool used by traders based on the movement of an asset. This tool marks swing highs and lows with a colored point in the main price chart.

How does it work?

Break of structure indicator identifies firstly the small swing highs and lows in terms of major fractal signals. These are patterns in which the middle of the candle wicks contains the highest high or lowest low among a sequence of candles. Then the indicator denotes swing highs and lows. After that, it connects the swing lows with the next swing lows, and the swing highs with the next swing highs constituting a channel-like structure enveloping the price movement.


Market structure is simply S&R on your charts, swing lows, and highs. These levels attract the most attention as traders all over the world can see them. Also represents the areas where can establish all their trading position. It draws extended levels along the graph to avoid noise when making technical analyses. This MT4 indicator shows automatically the market structure. Allows traders to compute the levels with candles closing and with highs and lows. When using the market structure Tradingview indicator you can do some changes. Such as changing the number of levels by adjusting the intensity. You can also change the style, thickness, and color of the level lines. It is a multi-time tool that allows traders to check the structure of other temporalities while it is running in another timeframe.    

How to trade with this indicator?

The market structure indicator plots two lines above and below the price chart in MT4. Which helps traders to identify the direction in which the price activity is directed in a particular time period. Therefore, when you attach the MT5 market structure indicator to your chart, you can remark immediately on every change in the price during a trading day. As the signal lines of the indicator will also change the direction that they are telling, and encounter the new direction that the price is running to, as the price continues moving. Hence, this behavior would help traders to comprehend the change. which occurs in the price direction as well as to think about how to benefit from this change.

When traders use the market structure Tradingview indicator, which allows them to identify the price direction in their current trading chart, it will help them to look for beneficial entries in the movement of the present trend. This is because traders know that the direction with the likely highest profit during trading is often the direction that the price is presently run. Also, it helps them to avoid trading in the wrong direction or the direction that the price is not presently moving to. Like in the screenshot below, when the price test a Higher High gives a nice downtrend.

An illustrative image explaining how to trade market structure using the concept of Higher Highs.


The Market structure indicator has some variables that modify the sensitivity of the indicator. You must change these variables as the indicator may be aggressively too sensitive.

These variables are as follow:

  • ” PipRange “: refers to the number of pips employed by the indicator to prepare the points that would connect the horizontal lines. The lower the input variables the lower the number of horizontal lines.
  • ” Percent “: refers to the percentage of the spread between the points that the indicator could allow. The higher the input variable, the lower the number of horizontal lines.

Download Market structure indicator for MT4

Market structure indicator for mt4 is a custom indicator that you can add to your MetaTrader 4 platform. It plots S&R levels and enables traders to see changes that occur in the price action immediately when it happens. Therefore, it allows identifying different breaks, entry signals, reversals, etc.

screenshot illustrating the application of the Market Structure indicator on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Download Market structure indicator for MT5

Market structure indicator for MT5 is very useful and a lot of traders use it, to make better trading decisions in Metatrader 5 and avoid falling into the trap of the market and losing their money. This MetaTrader 5 indicator displays two lines, one above and the other below the chart. These lines give the trader the opportunity to see the direction of the price in a specific timeframe during a trading day.

A screenshot showcasing the application of the Market Structure indicator on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform.


Market structure indicator provides a good insight for forex trading, established on price action and market flow patterns like Waves. This Metatrader indicator is very useful as it gives an overview of what happening in the market, which helps you make the best decisions. It can work with any market and timeframe. But it is recommended to do when day trading.