Multi Time Frame Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

Multi Time Frame indicator for Metatrader represents a useful analytical tool for chartists using Metatrader. In fact, it provides traders with strong insights into any financial market. Also, it is important to mention that the multi-time frame indicator for Tradingview can perform at all intraday terms and daily, weekly, and monthly charts. This technical tool can consider a particular asset’s primary, intermediate, and main market structure in all available time intervals.

Multi Time Frame Analysis Indicator FAQ

What is a Multi Time Frame Indicator?

Multi Time Frame indicator (MTFI)  is a Metatrader forex indicator, widely used among professional traders and investors. Before buying an asset, a trader should take a look at the security’s previous price movements and deeply observe them, detect trends, and make use of those trends. In other words, the trader should take a look at each time frame available so that he can buy at the lowest price of the period and sell at the highest price of the period, which allows him to make a lot of profit with the lowest possible risk. Indeed, a time frame could be minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Time is money and should not be wasted in detecting trends manually, that is where the MTFI comes in handy, as it helps traders capture trends and patterns in any time frame, effortlessly and rapidly. So that traders could act immediately. Also, the MTFI is a really flexible tool, it works for all types of securities, including stocks, derivatives, ETFs, currencies, and even commodities.

MTF technical tool in trading

Advantages of multi time frame analysis

  • MTFI helps in decision-making
  • It makes trends more visible on longer time frames
  • Reversal signals (Entry/Exit) are more visible in short time frames
  • It is considered as an eagle eye by professionals as it helps them monitor the market through signals and alerts

How to use it?

To begin, note that the indicator uses and plots time frames from the higher to the lower. Consequently, using the Multi time frame indicator, forex market investigation begins from higher towards lower time-frames before investors can choose either buying or selling the FX pair. 

  • First, the long-term time frame is the main focus of the indicator as it summarizes the global trend tendency. This time frame, which could be weekly, provides a wide market overview. Because it forms over an extended period of time.
  • Second, the medium-term time frame takes the second rank in terms of priority. This intermediate time frame of this technical tool, which could be daily, is so useful in detecting gaps and understanding market structure. Thus, it provides currency traders with forex entry and exit signals.
  • Third, the short-term time frame of the indicator holds the third rank in terms of importance. And it performs well in the confirmation process of entry and exit signs.
multi time frame (MTF) analysis

In the following AUD/CAD daily figure above, the one-week time frame is obviously in a downtrend phase. This reveals a bearish long-term movement. Besides, the one-day chart reveals red candles making lower lows. Finally, the four-hour time frame reveals that the bearish move is going forward. Hence, forex traders may initiate a short trade on the Australian dollar and Canadian dollar pair.

Download Multi Time frame Indicator for MT4

Multi time frame (MTF) indicator for MT4 is a widely used MetaTrader 4 tool among traders. It gives an overall insight into the financial market conditions. However, when analyzing charts with the MT4 indicator, traders usually prefer to start from an extended timeframe to a short timeframe. Hence, they will understand clearly the general formation of price moves in detail. In addition, they will learn how the price of a particular security moves, how patterns and figures form in markets, and even candlestick shapes. You can download Multi-timeframe Indicator for Metatrader 4 via Finansya APP.

Multi Time Frame Indicator for MT4

Download Multi Time frame Indicator for MT5

Multi-time frame indicator or MTF Indicator for MT5 represents a powerful MetaTrader 5 tool that helps traders to assess the overall trend of a particular security in the financial market. In fact, it shows the long, intermediate, and short time frames respectively. So, with these multiple overviews of the market movements, traders will have a deeper insight into the market tendencies. You can download Multi-timeframe Indicator for Metatrader 5 via Finansya APP.

Multi Time Frame Indicator for MT5


In brief, using the MTFI will serve in delivering a better and clear overview of three different time frames of a particular security on the same chart. Therefore, it will be a helpful tool that assists traders while making accurate trading decisions. A trader must have a good understanding of Time Frames and the analyzed security at the same time. Else, a bad selection of time frames for the considered financial security, depending on its volatility, could lead to a wrong analysis or a misleading alert. Which in turn could make traders skip some important trends/events.