Non-Lagging Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

The Non-Lagging Indicator For MT4/5 Platformss furnishes Forex traders with Non-Lagging buying and selling signals in MT4. In the Financial Markets World, success is often linked to one’s capability to forecast the future. While no one can anticipate the future with complete accuracy, traders can use various tools to make informed predictions. One of the most important Tradingview tools in a trader’s arsenal is the non-lagging indicator. To clarify, there are two main types of indicators. First Leading indicators and second lagging indicators. In this post, we will focus on the MT5 non-lagging indicator as a type of leading indicator that is especially useful for traders and investors.

Zero Lag indicator FAQ

What is the Non-Lagging Indicator ?

As the name suggests, a non-lagging indicator provides trading signals before the price of a security moves in one direction and without redrawing signals. In other words, a non-lagging indicator is predictive in nature. Also, it can help investors and traders identify potential price movements before their occurrence. This is in contrast to a lagging indicator, which provides signals after the price of a security has already moved in one direction.


Non Lag indicators are also known as leading indicators because they lead and follow on-time price movements. Some of the most popular non-lagging indicators include MAs, trendlines, and oscillators such as  RSI and MACD. Both advanced forex traders and beginners can use such indicators in conjunction with each other indicators to confirm the direction of the trend.

How to trade with it ?

To use a non-lagging indicator effectively, traders and investors need to understand the basics of technical analysis. Technical analysis involves studying charts and patterns to identify trends in the market. Traders and investors can use non-lagging tools to confirm trends or identify potential trend reversals.

Buy signal example

For example, let’s say a trader is interested in buying Mercedes stock that has been in a downtrend on the H1 timeframe. The trader could use a non-lagging indicator to identify potential buying opportunities. If the dot color changes at the bottom of the chart, it could indicate that the stock is oversold and due for a reversal. The trader could then confirm the reversal or seek some other confirmation signals to enter a long position.

non-lagging dot signals

Sell signal example

As an example, if the same trader is already long on Mercedes stock that has reached the end of the uptrend with a red dot drawing by the non-lagging indicator. It could be used to identify potential exit points like in our same case. Moreover, the trader could indicate that the uptrend is losing momentum and that it may be time to exit the position.

Risk management example

In addition to using the non-lagging indicator to identify potential buying and selling opportunities, traders and investors can also use it to manage risk. For example, if a trader is long a stock and the indicator dots change colors at the top of the trend, it could indicate that the stock is overbought and due for a pullback. The trader could use this information to set a stop-loss order to limit potential losses.

Download Non-Lagging Indicator for MT4

The Non-Lagging MT4 Indicator is a Non Lag dot indicator for MetaTrader 4 terminals. It produces forward results compared to other indicators in the form of dots and it does not repaint its signals. Traders can free download it to get buy and sell signals in Forex trading. You can download Non-Lagging Indicator for Metatrader 4 via Finansya app.

In the following EURUSD H4 chart example, the forex indicator has caught on time the start of both bullish and bearish moves.

non-lagging dot indicator MT4

Download Non-Lagging Indicator for MT5

The Non-Lagging Indicator for MT5 is Non Lag dot indicator for MetaTrader 5 platforms. The indicator plots green dots as FX buy trading signals. Alternatively, red dots as FX sell trading signals. The main signal resides in the change in the color of the dots. Because this assists traders in catching new bullish and bearish trends immediately and on time. You can download Non-Lagging Indicator for Metatrader 5 via Finansya app.

In the AUDCHF M30 chart example below, the no-lag tool shows a smooth trend following signals that lead the price movement.

non-lagging dot indicator MT5


A Non-lagging indicator is an essential tool for traders and investors who want to make on-time informed trading decisions and earn maximum profits. Thus, both Newbie traders and professional investors can use this zero lag tool to catch the beginning of every new trend.