OrderBlock Breaker Indicator Guide

Order Block Breaker indicator in MT5 is a simple and effective Metatrader 5 tool as it allows forex traders to earn an elevated reward while taking little risk. It is a prices behavior, that indicates that financial institutions levels and banks are collecting orders. These financial institutions and central banks drive the Forex . Which why traders should be aware of orders block level in MT4 indicator as a tool in Metatrader 4 also. It alerts you about changes in the price in CFD also. lately, it has become a buzz. And every trader wants to know about the so-called secret technique. So in this course, we will talk about everything you need to know about order block indicator in Tradingview or MetaTrader .

Order Block Indicator Guideline

Order Block Indicator FAQ

What is an Orderblock indicator ?

Orderblock indicator is a particular sort of supply and demand that forms when a block order comes into the prices from the banks buying or selling. They are special forex orders to buy and sell that are used by banks to place trades. When the banks have a big forex position to place, they don’t want to disturb the price as the position can lead to a big move and execute their trades at a worse price. Which conduct to a decrease in profit. For that, they attempt to break their position into little and manageable blocks by employing order block finder MT4.


To simplify, the order block indicator Tradingview is highly customizable, displays in the price chart, and gives traders buy and sell signals to make trading decisions. It is ideal for scalping or swing trading. Moreover, functional on all pairs such as cryptos, stocks, forex, commodities…

It sends alerts and notifications on the mobile phone, so there is no time-wasting.

Order block finder indicator for MT5 represents huge institutional buy or sell orders put over a specified period of time. During these, institutional traders are attempting to build their positions in the forex. 

OB buy and sell signals

What is an order block in Forex ?

Forex order blocks are often key trading areas where banks and institutions collect high-volume orders in forex trading identified by this forex indicator. To explain, they represent areas where significant Forex trading activity has occurred in the past. This may make them useful for identifying potential areas for forex traders where the trend could reverse or breakthrough.

Order blocks in forex reveal the accumulation of large forex orders by large market makers such as banks. To do so, forex participants split their single order into multiple small blocks to increase their profitability. This series of blocks may create strong bearish and bullish moves.

central banks may split their big order into numerous blocks so that they do not affect market stability instantly. They open one block of their order and disappear for a while. And then return to do the same in forex trading, until they achieve their full order target. As an example, a big financial institution that has to purchase 100 million GBPUSD can split its buy trade into two, three, or higher blocks.

How does order block indicator work ?

Order block finder indicator for Metatrader 4 marks zones where institutional order streams are possible to happen. An alert prompting your actions will occur When the price reaches the highlighted zone. Then, you make a decision whether to buy or sell, according to trading conditions. This indicator contains alerts. Therefore, you don’t need to watch the chart all time. When you add the order block Tradingview indicator to your chart, you will receive alerts when it locates entry points.

How do you use the OB indicator ?

Order block is a powerful order that is put for sell or buy of a big number of securities. These orders often utilized by institutional traders.

Traders should enter the trade or examine the trades in the direction of the last order block if the price range has not been breached in the opposite direction of the breakout.

MT4 order block finder indicator will allow you to trade in the order’s trend when its trend is identified. It also permits you to trade retracement and breakout patterns every time they happen in a given area. In addition, you will be capable to identify potential Support or Resistance zones, and keep in mind that you can utilize these levels as take-profit zones.

Identifying order blocks

To identify Order Blocks in MT4 you should look for a zone on the chart where the price has a large move. The move can be an opposite direction or the same. But the important thing is that should there a strong price reaction. Order blocks generally are wide candlesticks that almost engulf the prior candlestick and price movements in that trend. Moreover, They can be a price consolidation zone. You can notice also that they look like S&R zones, but not all order blocks are S&R zones. The OB zone should be a strong movement and it is usually almost fuelled by an activity by smart money concept

For example, if the price is in an uptrend or downtrend direction. In this case, you will look for sharp price activity in the prevailing or opposite direction, after a concise consolidation. These sharp actions are identified by big candlesticks that display impulse. And here we don’t look for a normal consolidation, which means we are not looking for a consolidation where the price is in a range, but we desire a tight price movement.

Order block identification

How do you spot an order block ?

To spot a bearish order block in MT5 for example, firstly identify the high of the rally and the recent swing low, secondly draw a rectangle around it. thirdly, extend the rectangle to the right side of the price chart into an empty area where the price can act or react in the future.

Likewise, for bullish order block, watch the chart, then if you notice that there is a downtrend going to pause identify the low and the recent swing high. after that, draw a rectangle around it. extend this rectangle to the right side of the chart.

It is not easy to draw order blocks but keep trying so you can draw them accurately. It is juste a question of patience and practice.

How do you trade order blocks ?

  1. To trade with an order block indicator in MT4 is recommended to use a high timeframe.
  2. choose an order block with a large body and short wicks.
  3. When the price retests an OB, predict that the price will bounce off at higher of bullish OB or lower of bearish order block. But the middle of the OB is the final point of retracement when looking for entries. If the price breaches the OB, you should find another OB.
  4. It is similar to natural support and resistance, before trading to the actual OB and reverse, most of the time the price will fake the reversion and continue to another order block.

    5. Set the stop-loss above bearish OB and below bullish OB.

    6. When you notice the formation of major high/low, look for fair value OB in the middle of the range to join a trade. You must ensure that the price does not retest the highest /lowest OB.

    7. Confirm your decision by using other indicators such as moving average, S&R, etc.

    8. Examine the left side of the chart to see if the current price range is hitting or inside of a prior OB.

What are Bearish and Bullish Order Blocks ?

  • Bullish Order Block:

Bullish OB is the last bearish candle before moving up. This is what results in breaking and creating a new low or lower low. And we expect that renders support to the price action.

  • Bearish Order Block:

Bearish OB is the last bullish candle before moving down. Resulting in breaking and creating a new high or higher high. And we foresee that to induce resistance to the price activity.

Bullish and bearish OB

 OB Indicator Components

  • Horizontal green lines: Represents bullish order blocks.
  • The horizontal red lines: Represents bearish order blocks.
  • Red/Green arrows: designate bearish/bullish signals of order blocks composed.
  • Yellow arrows: designates Bearish/Bullish breakout of order blocks.

Keep in your mind that order blocks cannot be used as a single procedure. Thus, you should combine the OB MT5 indicator with another one to make better results.

Download Order Block Indicator for MT4

Order block indicator for MT4 is among the most customizable indicator. This MT4 indicator Created to facilitate the analysis of the operations. It is used by institutional traders to buy and sell securities. Order blocks are considered as a temporary procedure before creating another one. Order Block indicator Metatrader 4 is a trading block that offers buy or sell orders. 

Order Block Indicator MT4 rev

Download Order Block Indicator for MT5

Order block indicator for MT5 tries to find order blocks. Which consider most of the time, optimal trade entries. So this MetaTrader 5 indicator gives precise entry signals, breakouts, and S&D reverse patterns. These OBs are a specified zone where buyers or sellers of smart money join the forex, change the price from its original price level and move it to another place.
The Block Order Indicator MT5 rev

Download Order Block Indicator for Tradingview

Order block indicator on Tradingview helps you to identify when to buy or sell on the tradingview platform. Moreover, OB Tradingview is a distinctive price range where institutions will buy or sell against the retail trend. Institutions can control the price and move it hard to other areas. The picture below shows you how the bullish and bearish order blocks displayed on the main price chart.

Oder Block Indicator Tradingview rev


Order Block MT4 indicator which you can attach to MT5 also is a very popular indicator that many traders use in their trading system, but they always add another indicator to more accurate signals. It is not very difficult but I advise you to be prudent not only with this Tradingview indicator but with all technical indicators to not be disappointed.

Key Takeaways

  • Order block indicator for MT4 offers buy and sell signals in the price chart.
  • It is functional on all pairs.
  • The order block MT5 indicator contains alerts, so there is no time wasting when using it.
  • Order blocks cannot be used as a single procedure. Therefore, you should combine the OB Tradingview indicator with another one to make better results.
  • Generally used by institutional traders to control the price. So they can move the price from one area to another. 
  • This MT4 indicator draws in two different colors. Bearish BO in red and bullish BO in green. 
  • A bearish OB is the last bullish candle before moving down. While Bullish OB is the last bearish candle before moving up.