Order flow indicator Guide

Order flow indicator for MT4 is a technical indicator that enables forex traders to identify buying and selling pressures. It plots the order flow on MetaTrader charts. However, the older flow indicator for MT5 helps chartists to get a deeper understanding of their charts. Therefore, facilitating their trading. Moreover, the Order flow is a simple indicator in Tradingview that satisfies these needs. This course will perform a detailed order flow strategy that will enhance your crypto and forex trading analysis.

Order Flow Indicator Guideline

Order flow Indicator FAQ

What is order flow indicator ?

Order flow is a MetaTrader indicator that provides concepts of “offer and request areas”. In fact, those concepts are the main market drivers. Especially, crypto, stock, CFD, and forex markets. The imbalance between those amounts indicates an order flow between purchasers and sellers. The order flow evolution over time reflects bulls and bears power.

Order flow analysis indicates participants’ desire for a particular asset based on offer and request rates. In other words, those percentages are attraction estimations to that asset. To explain, the rate is computed for each kind of market participant. Consequently, investors predict price shifts based on the order flow information.

Using an order flow analysis strategy in Metatrader, Forex traders get useful insights about:

  • Trading volumes.
  • The number of bulls and bears in the Forex market.
  • An aggregate of long and short orders.

How do you determine order flow ?

The order flow is available for MetaTrader such as the trading platform. Moreover, it is very popular among forex traders. In fact, it gives insights into participants control over the market in percentage terms. Consequently, this technical indicator increases awareness of offer and request areas. Thus, assists you to initiate appropriate trades in the right market direction in Tradingview also. To explain, the provided information allows catching high probability trades.

What is the order flow trader indicator

How to trade with order flow indicator ?

The order Flow aid forex traders to identify entry/exit areas in forex market. Hence, just follow the dynamic percentages on your candlestick chart. Then, initiate orders based on them. To explain, the higher the percentage of buying orders, the higher the probability of a down move. And vice versa. Thus, traders should focus on significant momentum moves. To clarify, high imbalances between the order flow is a forward MT4 tool of important moves.
order flow forex imbalances
How to use OF tool

Download Order flow indicator for MT4

The order flow indicator for MT4 displays percentage buy and sell orders. To explain, it shows them on your MetaTrader 4 platform. This MT4 indicator performs a dynamic data analysis of order flows on your MetaTrader 4 platform. That latter analysis permits traders to forecast price movements. In fact, this involves inspecting the flow of market orders. But also their potential impact on trading prices. As a result, it provides you with a close vision of offer and request fluctuations that affect market prices. There is no default version for MetaTrader. However, multiple MT4 indicators are based on order flow analysis. The following illustration presents this order flow indicator for the MT4 platform.

indicator MT4

Download Order Flow indicator for MT5

The order flow indicator for MT5 plots the percentage of buy and sell orders. To clarify, it shows them on your MetaTrader 5 platform. This MT5 indicator provides you with useful information about market forces on your MetaTrader 5 platform.  Understanding order flow structures is so crucial. Moreover, it is very important to keep an eye on their evolution. Because this could help to identify potential changes in the price direction. Consequently, this MT5 indicator forecasts reversal areas. In short, this technical indicator is advantageous for market participants. That is to say, for both buyers and sellers.  There is no free version for MetaTrader. Yet, many MT5 indicators are based on order flow imbalances. the following representation illustrates this order flow indicator for the MT5 platform.

indicator MT5

Download Order flow indicator for Tradingview

The Order flow is a Tradingview indicator. The trader can attach it to its Tradingview platform. To explain, it is a high probability signals provider.

Trades seek to examine where the amount of request or offer is about to seize control. Subsequently, they identify the price direction thanks to displayed rates. Also, the high imbalance between rates is helpful to identify the movement intensity. There are no free or default versions of this indicator in MetaTrader. But, there is a free basic version for Tradingview. To explain, it is labeled order flow analysis for Tradingview.

Below is a presentation of the indicator for the Tradingview platform.

Order flow trader indicator Tradingview


This indicator or concept displays dynamic exchange rates on the MT4 trading platform. Thus, captures momentum opportunities on MT5 charts. In fact, these rates are utilized to improve your trading strategy. In short, this forex trading strategy is based on investors orders trading. Note that there are several technical tools based on order flow analysis in Tradingview. Among them, we cite the Vwap tool.

Key takeaways

An Order Flow is a tool used by traders to:

  • Identify imbalances between long and short orders in MT4.
  • Seize momentum opportunities in MT5.
  • Catch reversal possibilities.
  • Follow orders structure in Tradingview charts like the order block indicator.
  • Track order flow evolution.