Parabolic SAR Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

The MT5 Parabolic SAR is a default MetaTrader indicator created by J. Welles Wilder in order to identify the potential direction of a financial asset. To explain, the goal of this indicator is to determine where the trend ends. Thus, identifying new trends. However, SAR is an abbreviation for Stop And Reverse trading strategy. Also, The parabolic SAR indicator for MT4 charts can provide Forex traders with entry and exit points. To do so, its author J.Welles Wilder recommends finding the market direction by using the parabolic SAR dots strategy effectively and then measuring the strength of the move. However, the TradingView parabolic SAR indicator mainly works in trending markets.

PSAR Indicator FAQ

What is parabolic SAR indicator ?

The strategy that we want to apply to Parabolic SAR ( PSAR ) is mainly a trend-trading strategy. That is to say, we use this strategy to Identify a certain trend. So, the main goal of the PSAR strategy is to forecast tendency continuations and possible tendency reversals. To clarify, if the parabolic dots appear under the candlestick chart, we should follow the bullish movement. And keep our long position open. Besides, if the parabolic dots appear on the top of the chart, we should follow the bearish movement. And maintain our short trade open. So, the parabolic SAR strategy follows the dot position on the chart.

Explanation of a Parabolic SAR Indicator on a forex Chart

How does it works?

The Parabolic SAR indicator has very simple speculation that gives insights into stops and reverses. To explain, if prices fail below the parabola during an upside move, this would signal a likely reversal. In other words, the general uptrend movement has reached its ending. Alternatively, when prices break above the same parabola during a downside move, this could signal a potential reversal. That is to say, the downtrend movement has reached its end. Thus, many Forex chartists employ the later breakthroughs either as entry points towards the beginning new trend or as stop orders of the ending trend. In conclusion, the parabolic SAR indicator is useful to identify new movements and to place stops at their ending also.

Trading example

To simplify the explication, we will call dots under the chart, green dots. Because they indicate an up-trend. Likewise, we will call dots above the chart, red dots. As they indicate a down-trend. Now, if a series of green parabolic dots gets interrupted by one or two red dots, it could mean a change in price movement. Here, we need to close our long position and start a short one. On the other hand, when red parabolic dots get interrupted by one or two green dots, it would most likely indicate a movement reverse. Here, we should close our short position and initiate a long one. Furthermore, to confirm the price movement or the potential price reversal, we can use other technical indicators alongside parabolic SAR. The best trading tools that work with PSAR are the relative strength indicator, the average directional index, and MAs.

Trading Example Using Parabolic SAR

What are the best indicator settings ?

The PSAR indicator is calculated as shown below:

  • Up tendency: Parabolic SAR = Previous Parabolic SAR + Prior A Factor [ Prior Extreme Point – Prior PSAR ]
  • Down tendency: Parabolic SAR = Prior PSAR – Prior A Factor [ Prior Parabolic SAR – Prior E Point ]


  • EP [ Extreme point ] = Highest high for an up tendency and lowest low for a down tendency
  • AF [ Acceleration Factor ] = Default of 0.02, advancing by 0.02 each time a new Extreme Point is achieved.

This is an example of the default settings on the Parabolic SAR MT5 indicator.

Explanation of Parabolic SAR Indicator Settings

Two settings compose this indicator that are the Acceleration Factor ( AF ) and the Maximum Acceleration ( MA ). In default settings, AF equals 0.02 and MA equals 0.2. Increasing the value of the Acceleration Factor will make the indicator tracks the price more closely. This means that more signals will appear and more reversals will be identified. By decreasing this parameter, the indicator will move slower, which will generate fewer reversals and dot signals. The Maximum acceleration MA has a small impact on the way the indicator behaves. It limits how quickly the indicator accelerates during a strong price move. Also, it ranges between 0.2 and 0.8.

Short-term investors who prefer to enter and exit trades quickly can use a higher acceleration factor. And that is because even small reversals will be identified. A longer-term investor who wants to maintain his position can decrease the acceleration factor in order to focus on the overall general direction.

Download Parabolic SAR indicator for MT4

The Parabolic SAR MT4 indicator is well known in forex trading in Metatrader 4. Traders use this tool to trade with movement direction. PSAR creates a parabola on the chart. The parabola is always below the price in an uptrend and above it in a downtrend. Also, chartists use it to identify points of stop and reverse (SAR). This tool is very popular and can be used for day trading, short-term swings, and scalping. It works with all timeframes and currency pairs. The Parabolic SAR indicator exists by default in the trend_subgroup in the MT4 terminal. Below, you can learn how to use the parabolic Sar indicator on your MT4 chart.

Parabolic Sar Indicator MT4

Download Parabolic SAR indicator for MT5

The Parabolic Sar MT5 indicator analyzes trending markets in Metatrader 5. The indicator takes place above and below the price chat. PSAR interpretation is similar to The Moving Average. The difference is that PSAR moves with higher acceleration. Also, it can change its position accordingly to the price without having to cross it. Forex traders should follow the movement of this parabolic Sar indicator to initiate positions in the same direction in MT5. Also, this tool can generate high profits when the trend is strong. Meanwhile, its role will become limited when the market is choppy.

Setting Up Parabolic SAR Indicator in MT5


Parabolic SAR is a great compact indicator that provides good information. It helps to determine the direction of the price activity. Traders use this indicator to determine entry and exit points. This strong indicator works well when combined with other tools. A good choice would be MAs, RSIndex, or ADIndex. In a strong trending market, PSAR will produce good results. However, it will produce many false signals when it is moving sideways.