Renko Chart Indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

Renko chart indicator for MT5 represents a practical type of chart price that was introduced by “Steve Nison” in his book “Beyond Candlesticks”. In fact, contrary to the candlestick charts, the Tradingview Renko indicator excludes all time parameters in order to filter financial markets from the noise (small price correction). Thus, it tends to highlight the significant movements. However, despite eliminating the factor of time, many trend traders manage to follow and use the Renko chart indicator when trading. Not only for identifying accurate and clear tendencies. But, also to determine important reversal points. Therefore, the Renko indicator for MT4 seems to be an interesting analytical tool.

Renko charts FAQ

What is the Renko Chart indicator?

Renko indicator is a Japanese graphic representation of the trend in the form of bricks. In effect, this type of chart is not plotted against time but against prices only. Thus, it allows traders to easily and quickly determine the current trend especially when it’s combined with the QQE indicator. Also, it permits them to determine trend reversals. In fact, the Renko indicator represents a very versatile tool in the trading world. Which, can apply to many financial markets. Furthermore, a very important benefit of the Renko indicator is showing traders the significant market moves.

In other words, this indicator represents a useful type of chart that displays a filtered price movement according to the amount of time that passes. To explain more, it considers simply the movement of price and not time. Thus, this technical tool removes the time factor. As a result, the Renko chart indicator will reflect only significant price fluctuations that meet the minimum market movements (in terms of pips) usually fixed by traders. So, any movement in the price action that does not attain this minimum amount will not be considered by the indicator.

Consequently, when using this indicator, traders can keep their attention on the significant movements. So, they will catch minute fluctuations in financial markets.

How does it work?

Renko chart indicator for forex works depending on simple rules. Actually, it differs from traditional charts since it only shows you how much the price has moved on against the standard price charts that always give you a new candle or bar as time elapsed. As a rule, the indicator plots kind of blocks similar to bricks. Blue bricks represent bull movements, while red bricks represent bearish movements. If the tendency of the market changes from bullish to bearish, then the color of bricks will change from blue to red. And vice versa.

The only parameter that we can modify in the Renko chart indicator is the brick size ( or “Box Size”). So, it is important to know that, the bigger the box size (brick size) we select, the less movement a chart will display. Conversely, if we select a smaller box size, the sensitivity to price movements will be lower and more limited. Thus, we will lose the main benefit of this tool. However, there are no perfect settings or best box sizes when using the indicator. The choice depends on what strategy each trader uses.

Hence, using a Renko chart indicator with a box size of 10 pips means that we will consider only moves equivalent to 10 pips or more. Thereby, we will easily recognize and understand market tendencies.


For instance, let’s consider as an example the Forex chart of the USD/JPY which is one of the most traded currency pairs. We will set 50 pips as a box size. This means that a significant move for this Forex pair will represent 50 pips up or down. So, any move less than 50 pips will not be taken into consideration. That is why we should give importance to the MT5 Renko indicator settings.

Renko parameters

Nonetheless, we should understand that a new brick appears only when the price oscillations fulfill or surpass the trader’s set pips minimum. At this point, we can conclude that the Renko chart indicator doesn’t reflect the most current state of the market. Because the chart updates only with the creation of a new up or down brick. To clarify this downside of the Renko chart, let’s consider a simple situation:

Supposing that a trader chooses to set the Renko chart in a way to generate a new brick every 1 $. If the last brick is formed at 30 $, and the price reaches 30.8 $, then, it ends by reversing down. In this case, the Renko chart will skip this movement (when the price reaches 30.8 $) because the price didn’t rise enough (31 $).

As a result, the indicator can’t reflect the same exact high and low that the asset has reached as the candlestick chart does.  

How to trade with it?

Renko chart indicator can be very helpful when trading if we use it correctly. Actually, there are many manners to trade with it. In a way, it offers a smooth and clear image of the general tendency in the market. On the other way, the MT5 Renko indicator shows price movements regardless of the time that passed. That is why it may not correspond at the same time as regular charts such as the Japanese candlestick chart. Accordingly, the Renko chart indicator will help traders to understand quickly the market conditions.

In the most basic form, traders can use the Renko indicator to capture the trend by considering each brick as a directional signal. Hence, spotting a new ascending brick should indicate a buy signal. While a descending brick signifies a sell signal.

Renko signals

Often, most traders depend on the Renko chart indicator to predict the impact of major events like elections, economic crises, etc… where the noise in the market is at its highest level. Thus, the indicator will display the price movement of financial markets in a uniform manner compared to other traditional charts. Also, it will offer a better appearance for market trends. So, we can clearly anticipate the next direction of the market.

As we see in the image below, the Renko indicator helps traders to determine the current trend.

renko chart indicator

Thereby, when a sequence of consecutive down bricks appears on the Renko chart indicator, it tells that the market is in a bearish period. In contrast, a bullish state is marked by the appearance of multiple up-bricks.

The Renko indicator allows traders to detect trend reversals. In effect, a trend reversal in this indicator is materialized by the appearance of a color brick upside (downside) after an important down movement (up movement). Hence, remarking a blue brick after a succession of red bricks will signal a future bullish trend. In contrast, when a red brick appears after a sequence of blue bricks, this indicates a potential bearish movement.

Red Bricks VS Blue Bricks on the trading graph

Download the Renko chart indicator for MT4

Renko chart indicator for MT4 is simply a type of price charting. Actually, the style of the Renko chart is inspired by the Japanese word “Renga” which refers to bricks. Mainly, the indicator ignores the concept of time. The movement is based only on the price. In fact, the MT4 Renko indicator eliminates minor price movements and makes them unweighted. Hence, tendencies in price will appear clearly. So, we can spot and use them efficiently. Also, the MT4 Renko indicator helps identify powerful S&R levels. You can download Renko chart indicator for MT4 via Finansya APP.

renko indicator on mt4

Download the Renko chart indicator for MT5

Renko chart indicator for MT5 is simply a set of bricks that are plotted when the price closes above or below a fixed number of pips compared to the previous close. Thus, it means that each brick will represent a pre-defined price movement in either direction. However, this Mt5 indicator helps traders to better understand financial markets and analyze tendencies visually. You can download Renko chart indicator for MT5 via Finansya APP.

renko indicator on mt5


Renko indicator for Tradingview improves the trading experience by offering a smoother price chart. In effect, it enables traders to have a clear image of the market’s current trend. Also, it provides traders with specific indications to spot potential reversal movements. Despite ignoring some price movements that may seem important for some traders, this MT5 indicator is still a strong technical tool since it can work with most technical indicators.