Sideway market indicator Guide for MT4/MT5

The sideway Trend market is a technical MT4 indicator that displays periods when the Forex, crypto, or even the CFD markets fluctuates within a tight range considerably. It can be applied in various timeframes and by all kinds of traders. As a matter of fact, the strategy of sideway Trend market indicator MT5 is very useful when it comes to ranging markets where the price of the assets is bouncing between two horizontal areas. Thus, we will take a long position in the lower area and sell at the higher one. Also, using the  Trend sideway for Tradingview will remove the ambiguity about where to place targets in such conditions and guarantee a good risk-reward ratio. 

Sideway market indicator FAQ

What is sideway market indicator ?

Sideways indicator helps Forex traders to identify zones on the chart where the price of an asset moves up and down significantly. We can determine those areas, either in the short term or for a wide period of time. In other words, a sideway market appears when the price of given security remains within a tight range for a remarked period. Actually, those market conditions may occur on all timeframes from one-minute charts to weekly charts. Thus, at some points, it is normal that all markets must pause and range conditions will evolve. In this case, the sideway market strategy takes place in order to highlight zones in the chart where the market is ranging.

In fact, many Crypto traders try to avoid opening positions in a sideway market. It looks like a risky action to trade in a market that not going anywhere and not progressing extensively. Yet, depending on some basics and technics, we can benefit from some interesting opportunities.

Besides, counting on the Trend sideway  indicator can provide us with important clues in ambiguous and tough situations. Not only through clarifying entry and exit triggers but also delivering signs about potential breakouts. Shortly, the purpose of the sideway market indicator is to programmatically display a price rectangle that contains a sideways market trend.

Chart show sideway market indicators.

How to use it ?

The most simple approach to trading a CFD sideway market goes back to basics. We will buy low and sell high. In this case, that means buying when the price falls to a certain level (the bottom of the rectangle). Selling when he hits a specific high level (the top of the rectangle). While it’s possible to profit with this simple method, it is riskier than it looks. Because it depends on the type of the identified sideway market. So let’s see how the MT4 sideway market indicator determines adequate trading areas. The sideway Trend strategy for Metatrader 5 tries to assure that the selected zone is worth trading or not. That is why it is important to figure out the types of sideways markets with this powerful mt5 indicator for sideway trading.

Type of SM

In fact, not all sideways markets can deliver profitable opportunities for all kinds of traders. They are divided into two main types:

  • A range-bound: (Or a trading range) occurs when the price is regularly rebounded from specific high and low levels. It represents the ideal CFD sideway market conditions to make trades.
Chart displaying a range-bound indicator with upper and lower boundaries.
  • Chopping sideways: Occurs when the price oscillates back and forth, making small overall progress up and down. Forex traders should avoid making trades in such conditions.
Chart explaning a chopping sideway markets with volatile price movements.

After defining the best trading conditions, the sideways market indicator will also help us determine the type of range. In fact, knowing the type of range can be useful in terms of placing stop losses and profit targets when trading crypto.

Type of range

We consider two types of range:

  • Narrow range: The distance between the highest and the lowest lines is small.
  • Wide range: The distance between the highest and the lowest lines is large.
Narrow range vs wide range

How to interpret the sideway market trend?

Actually, the determination of support and resistance zones is key to recognizing a sideway trading environment. This represents a principal stage during the development of the Trend sideway indicator. Thus, to identify those zones, we should find out the price where buyers come back in and the price where buyers sell the asset for a specific period. In this way, Forex traders will enter a position once the price falls to the support area of the rectangle (lower line) and sell when the price rallies up to resistance areas of the rectangle (upper line).

Moreover, the MT5 Trend sideway indicator provides CFD traders with a critical benefit like a better idea of when-to-time entries and exits, thanks to the well-placed support and resistance levels (the top and bottom lines of the rectangle). Therefore, traders can remain within a tight range, earning smaller profits on a bigger number of transactions while using SL to limit downside exposure.

Let’s dive into an example to see how the sideway market indicator works in the MetaTrader platform.

Chart explaning the characteristics and indicators of a sideways market trend.

Using the sideways market indicator can offer plenty of trading opportunities for traders : 

  • On the one hand, when the price hits the top of the rectangle, take a short position, and if it reaches the bottom of the rectangle then goes for a long position.
  • On the other hand, when the price is in the middle of the rectangle, do nothing if you have no trades. Otherwise, open or hold onto your current trades.

Trading range breakout Example

However, many Forex traders will use the sideway market indicator for Tradingview to look for confirmation of a breakout or breakdown. So to predict a potential reversal movement. Thus, if the top of the rectangle is broken and a higher high is formed, this indicates that sideways movement may be ending, and an uptrend move could happen. On the other hand, when a lower low is set and the bottom of the rectangle is smashed this is a signal for Forex traders that a downward movement may be at hand.

Chart depicting a trading range with explanation breakout points.

Download Sideway market indicator for MT4

Sideway  market indicator for MT4 is very useful when the market is ranging in Metatrader 4. It can be used by all kinds of traders (Forex, crypto, CFD, etc…). In fact, this MT4 indicator highlights the areas where the asset is bouncing between two parallel lines. Also, he delivers entry and exit points relying on the top and bottom lines of the rectangle.

So, in order to be sure whether the market is trending or ranging we can apply this MT4 indicator in different timeframes. So we can do a quick multiple timeframe analysis on a given asset before making any position. For instance, if we are using the H1 chart, we can check the M15 chart and the H4 chart to confirm that the trend is moving in the same direction. As a result, if different timeframe charts ensure a similar direction, then we can consider an ideal area for trading.

Screenshot of MT4 chart displaying the sideway market indicator.

Download Sideways market indicator for MT5

Sideway market indicator for MT5 can anticipate breakouts, both above and below the trading area in Metatrader 5. For many Forex traders, this option is the most effective feature in this MT5 indicator. Thus, this will permit them to take a position within the earliest phases of a new movement. thereby, when the price smashed the bottom line of the rectangle this is a signal that a bearish movement may be at hand.  On the other side, when the price crossover the top line of the rectangle then a bullish period could follow.

Screenshot of MT5 chart showing the sideway market indicator,


Shortly, the Sideways market indicator for Tradingview can’t show strong signs in all the sideways markets. Simply, some of them are not worth trading such as choppy markets. Then, if the market doesn’t oscillate between well-defined horizontal zones, the MT4 indicator will not deliver powerful clues. However, using the sideways market indicator for MT5 in the correct conditions can provide many signals like good entry and exit points. Also, the anticipation of potential market movement and possible breakouts.