Trend Line : Free Indicator with Video Guide (MT4/MT5)

The Trend Line Indicator for MetaTrader4 automatically constructs trendlines formation on MT5 charts. While it is quite simple to draw trendlines manually, the Auto-Trendline indicator for MT4 is a more convenient option, saving you time and effort. This tool can be used in forex and cryptocurrency markets and displays the most relevant and recent trendlines. It also removes trendlines that are no longer interacting with price movement and adds new trendlines to the chart as needed.  In this guide, i will explain how to use this indicator in metatrader 4 and 5.

Trendline Indicator FAQ

Video Guide

What is a Trend line indicator ?

The trend line indicator is a valuable tool based on a classic technical analysis concept in the forex market. It is widely recognized by most chartists and can benefit traders of all levels.

  • Valid trendlines on the trading chart can help you stay in the correct market direction and improve your trading results.
  • Additionally, they are compatible with any forex and crypto trading system.
  • Therefore, the use of a trendline alongside your existing trading strategy can be a powerful tool, whether you are a novice or a professional trader.

Important of trend line

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In the trading world, a trendline is a line drawn on a price chart that shows the general direction of the market. Chartists use this information to decide whether to buy (long) or sell (short) a trading instrument based on that direction.

Importantly, trendlines can be applied to various assets, including forex currencies, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

While media releases and macroeconomic news can significantly impact price behavior and increase volatility in the FX market, these fundamental factors are often difficult to interpret with precision. This is where trendline patterns become crucial, as they can help predict potential breakouts.

In summary, understanding trendlines is essential for navigating market conditions, especially during periods of increased volatility.

How to draw a trend line ?

Trend line in trading is used to decide the market direction. To clarify, while prices are near and above the upward-sloping line, the direction is bullish. Contrarily, the direction is bearish when prices are below and close to the downside sloping line. Basically, the price could experience two paths when it approaches such trendlines. Either the considered trendline holds and prices bounce off it and the direction reverses. Alternatively, the same trendline fails to stop the price movement and gets broken. Thus, the move persists in the same prevailing direction. Below is an explanation of the uses of the trendline indicator on an MT5 chart. The price tested and bounced from the upper line five times without succeeding to cut it. Yet, a bullish breakout occurred in the last price attempt.

A step-by-step guide on drawing a trend line.

How to trade with it ?

The trendline indicator drawing technique relies on identifying and connecting the peaks and troughs of the price. However, it automatically filters and plots only the most relevant trendlines, specifically those that the price is most likely to interact with. This is facilitated by an advanced algorithm that identifies significant lines on the trading chart. Notably, when the market creates new extremes, the trendline automatically adjusts its slope without being redrawn. However, if the market shifts in the opposite direction or sideways, the original trendline is invalidated and automatically cleared. A new trendline will then be drawn to reflect the current market conditions.

Trendline retest strategy

The Trend Line Forex Patterns are the most profitable patterns and strategies in trading in the market direction. The trendline indicator will permit you to completely and comprehensively study the Tradingview chart and spot clear entry opportunities near trendlines. To summarize, we buy near the downer trendline. Conversely, we sell near the upper one. The following USDCHF D1 chart supports this forex trendline strategy. To explain, the price grew up near the downward line. Contrarily, it fell down near the upside line. In short, the bounce strategy aims to trade in the market direction of the considered trendline.

Illustration of trading the re-test of a trend line.

Trendline breakout strategy

The trendline breakout strategy is a type of countertrend trading. It designates trading the short-term breakout of the countertrend trendlines in the general trend direction. To do so, the trader first establishes a long-term movement using a low timeframe. Then he waits for a market correction against the bigger move. At the end of the correction, a breakout of the short-term supporting trendline occurred in the downer USDCHF M30 chart. Here, selling with the breakout of the previously discussed line in the dominating downward direction would be the best trading decision. To summarize, the breakout strategy of the trendline indicator helps chartists to trade in the general direction. Yet, it is more performant during price corrections and using lower timeframe charts.

Illustration of trading the breakout of a trend line.


The trendline indicator remains an essential element in the technical analysis domain. Because every trading strategy can be built around a trendline. Hence, the automatic trendline indicator can fastly draw accurate lines and positively impact your trading outcomes in many manners. In short, this smart forex tool provides you with an insight into the general price direction, entry locations, and potential bounce areas.