Wyckoff Pattern Indicator Guide

The Wyckoff pattern indicator MT4 is a technical analysis approach that can assist investors in deciding which securities to buy and when to sell them. However, the Wyckoff pattern indicator MT5 can help also investors make less emotional and more informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling shares. In this course, we will discuss the Wyckoff pattern FX indicator for Tradingview and Metatrader platforms.

Wyckoff Pattern Indicator Guideline

Wyckoff pattern indicator FAQ

What is a Wyckoff pattern ?

The Wyckoff pattern indicator MT5 was created by Richard Wyckoff in the early 1930s. It is a collection of strategies and principles initially developed for traders and investors. It is a technical analysis approach that assists traders to decide when they buy and sell stocks. Whereas Wyckoff’s pattern originally concentrated on stock prices, we can now use it for all kinds of financial markets. Wyckoff did extensive research, which led to the creation of several trading theories and techniques.

The three laws of the Wyckoff pattern

  • Law of supply and demand

The first law states that prices rise when demand exceeds supply, and fall when the opposite is true.In other words, Wyckoff’s first law indicates that an excess of demand compared to supply causes prices to increase because there are more people buying than selling. But in a situation where there are more people selling than purchases, supply exceeds demand. This will cause the price to fall. We can represent the first law of the Wyckoff pattern with three simple equations:

Demand > Supply = increase in price

Demand < Supply = Price drop

Demand = Supply = No significant price change, which means that there is low volatility.

  • Law of cause and effect

This second law states that the differences between supply and demand are not random. Instead, they come after periods of preparation, that follow specific events. In terms of Wyckoff, an accumulation period (cause) eventually leads to an uptrend (effect). In contrast, a period of distribution (cause) results in a downward trend (effect).

  • Law of effort

The third law of the Wyckoff pattern indicator MT4 states that changes in the price of an asset are the result of effort, represented by Delta trading volume. If the price action is in line with the volume, so we can say that there is a good chance that the trend will continue. But if the price and the volume diverge greatly, the trend in the market may stop or change direction.

What is a Wyckoff accumulation and Distribution ?

According to Wyckoff Accumulation and distribution pattern , traders can predict the direction of the market via a detailed analysis of supply and demand reached by studying price movement, volume, and time. Wyckoff watches the activity of successful investors in the market, then he decodes their activity through the employ of what he called vertical (bar) and figure (Point and Figure) charts. Indeed, the Wyckoff market cycle consists of four phases: accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown. These phases represent the traders’ behavior and could tell the direction of the future price action of certain security.

  • Accumulation Pattern

In the Wyckoff accumulation pattern, investors accumulate assets before most traders. This phase is usually marked by a sideways movement (neither bearish nor bullish). Accumulation is done gradually to prevent the price from changing significantly.

  • Markup

When traders hold enough shares, and the selling force becomes exhausted, he begins to push the market higher. Naturally, the emerging movement attracts more players, leading to an increase in demand. There can be several stages of accumulation in an uptrend. We can name them re-accumulation stages, where the general uptrend temporarily pauses and consolidates for a while, before continuing its uptrend movement. As the market continues to rise, other investors are encouraged to buy. In the last phase, when using the Wyckoff pattern, the general public (or at least a larger crowd) joins and becomes involved in the market, generally attracted by this price increase. At this point, the demand is excessively higher than the supply.

  • Distribution Pattern

In the Wyckoff distribution pattern, the trader begins to distribute his shares. He resells his profitable positions to those who join the market late. Generally, the distribution stage is characterized by a sideways action that absorbs demand until it is finished.

  • Markdown

Attached to the distribution phase is the market reversal, the downtrend. In other words, after the investor sells off a good chunk of his stock. He starts then pushing the market down. Eventually, the supply becomes much greater than the demand, and we remark an establishment of a downtrend.

Along with the uptrend, the downtrend can also have re-distribution phases. These are essentially short-term consolidations between large price decline areas identified by order block indicators.

Wyckoff market cycle

When we have an accumulation zone means that we have a demand zone. And samely, if we have a distribution zone means that we have a supply zone.

Download the Wyckoff pattern indicator for MT4

Wyckoff pattern indicator for MT4 is an important tool for traders to analyze their system with the aim of gaining insight into its performance. Considering the chart below, which shows the Wyckoff pattern in MetaTrader 4, we can see that the downtrend is followed by a distribution area. Where the uptrend came after an accumulation area.

Wyckoff pattern on MT4

Download the Wyckoff pattern indicator for MT5

Wyckoff pattern indicator for MT5 is a technical analysis method that can assists traders to decide what and when to buy. This MT5 indicator represents a market cycle that consists of 4 phases. Each phase tells the traders what will happen in the market.

wyckoff pattern MT5

Consider a case where we have an accumulation area using the MetaTrader 5 platform.

  • Phase  A

The selling force diminishes, and the downtrend begins to slow. This phase is commonly marked by an increase in trading volume. This indicates that some buyers are showing up, but there are still not enough of them to stop this downward trend.

  • Phase B

 A typical Accumulation in phase B. It contains what is called a Spring. It often acts as the last bear trap before the market begins to produce higher lows. During phase B, the investor ensures that the supply on the market is minimal, which means the possible sellers have already sold. The Spring often breaks support levels to exit traders and fool investors. We can describe this as an ultimate attempt to buy stocks at an undercut before the uptrend begins. Bear traps encourage small investors to abandon their positions.

Download Wyckoff pattern indicator for Tradingview

Wyckoff pattern indicator Tradingview is an approach that allows traders to make decisive trading decisions in the market. This happens through studying the market by supply and demand Zone indicators. Therefore, they can evaluate the market index in order to calculate the performance of the market.

wyckoff pattern for Tradingview

In essence, the distribution system works in a reverse way to Accumulation, but with slightly different terminology.

Phase A: The first phase occurs when an established uptrend begins to slow due to decreasing demand. This suggests that the selling force is beginning to show. Although still not strong enough to stop the upward move.

Phase B: Phase B of a distribution is a mirror image of Accumulation.


Almost a century has passed since its inception, but the Wyckoff pattern is still used on a large scale today. It certainly embodies more than just a technical analyst’s indicator. And this is because it encompasses many trading theories and techniques. In essence, the Wyckoff pattern indicator Tradingview enables traders to make more rational decisions, rather than operating on their emotions. Wyckoff’s extensive work provides traders and investors with a series of tools to reduce risk. It increases their chances of success. Yet, there is no inevitable technique when it comes to investing. Always beware of risk, especially in highly volatile cryptocurrency markets.