Xmaster Formula Forex Indicator Guide

Xmaster formula MT4 indicator is no repaint forex indicator for Metatrader 4. This forex oscillator is a trend indicator that Recognizes the Beginning and the Ending of the trend. Thus, provides you with buying and selling signals. Moreover, the Xmaster formula indicator in MT5 is a special and highly desired indicator in metatrader 5 also. The most important element of this indicator is that does not repaint. Once signals are put they stay at the same place. Xmaster formula indicator aims to identify forex movements. In this course, will learn how to attach it to other indicators in order to implement a Xmaster formula strategy and make large profits.

Xmaster Formula Forex Indicator Guideline for 2020 2021 2022 2023

Xmaster Formula forex Indicator FAQ

What is xmaster formula forex indicator ?

Xmaster formula indicator for forex is one of the xmaster purest trend-following trading systems based on Metatrader 4 and 5. It consists of colored dots organized in the shape of a wavy line that follows the market trend. On the one hand, It indicates potential moves of the price. That is to say, Xmaster formula can be a trend reversion strategy. On the other hand, it intimates the power of the current trend. In other words, it can be a trend continuation indicator. This user-friendly indicator is very useful to get trend signals in Metatrader. Especially, to implement a Xmaster strategy for novice traders.

How to trade with xmaster formula forex indicator ?

When using technical indicators it is important to identify when to enter a buy or a sell position depending on this tool.

Buy rules:

Traders advised to open long orders if:

  • First, xmaster formula draws an upward arrow.
  • Second, a green dot appears next to the upside pointing arrow.
  • Third, the candle facing the arrow was bullish.
  • Finaly initiate a long position after meeting these three conditions.
Xmaster buying rules

Sell rules:

Chartists are advised to initiate short positions if:

  •  First, xmaster draws a downward arrow.
  • Second, a red dot appears following the downside pointing arrow.
  • Third, the candle facing the arrow was bearish.
  • Finally, open a sell order after meeting these three conditions. 
Xmaster selling rules

How to read Xmaster indicator in Metatrader chart ?

Understand dot signals

Xmaster formula MT4 indicator draws no repaint colored dots for forex traders. To explain, the latter dots are trend continuation signals. Thus, this trend continuation indicator displays 2 types of dots:

  • Green dots: They are located next to an upside arrow. Consequently, indicate an uptrend continuation.
  • Red dots: They are positioned next to a downside arrow. As a consequence, indicate a downtrend continuation.
Dot signals

Understand arrow signals

Xmaster formula draws pointing arrows. To clarify, the latter yellow arrows are trend reversal signals. Thus, this trend continuation indicator displays 2 types of arrows:

  • Upward arrows: they are placed just after red dots, consequently, indicate an uptrend reversal.
  • Downward arrows: they are established just after green dots. as a result, indicate a downtrend reversal.
Arrow signals

Xmaster formula trading examples

Trading with Xmaster formula indicator is not complicated at all with all versions of 2020 , 2021, 2022 and 2023. You just need to follow the steps mentioned.

Identify Bullish Trend

Trading a long position with the xmaster formula forex tool is very easy. To clarify, it is done through 3 steps:

  • First, initiate a buy order with the upside arrow.
  • Second, place a stop-loss level below the last swing low.
  • Third, set a take-profit level or quit the trade when a new downward arrow appears.
Trade a long position using Xmaster Formula

Identify Bearish Trend

Trading a short position with the xmaster formula MT4 indicator is very simple. To explain, it’s done through 3 steps:

  • First, initiate a sell order with the downside arrow.
  • Second, set a stop-loss level above the last swing high.
  • Third, place a take-profit level or exit the trade when a new upward arrow arises.

Example Long trade

If the MA lines cross up below the price, there is a buying signal. Subsequently, verify your MT4 xmaster formula forex tool. Because it is very likely to draw or has already displayed an upside yellow arrow and a green dot.

In conclusion, this cross-up below the price is a sign of upside trend pullback in Metatrader 4.

Example Short trade

If the MA lines cross down above the price, there is a Selling Signal. Afterward, verify your xmaster formula Forex Indicator. Because it is very likely to draw or has already displayed a downside yellow arrow and a red dot.

In conclusion, this cross-down above the price is a sign of downside trend pullback in metatrader 5.

Download Xmaster Formula Indicator for MT4

Xmaster formula indicator for MT4 is an xmaster forex indicator in Metatrader 4. In fact, it is very simple to add the Xmaster formula to your trading platform. Once added, apply it to the desired forex chart. Finally, You will observe colored dots under your candlestick chart. On the one hand, green dots suggest that the market is most likely to Boom. In other words, there is an upside price movement. On the other hand, red dots suggest that the market is most likely to Crash. That is to say, there’s a downside price movement.

The xmaster formula forex indicator is a free download indicator so you can add it easily to your platform.

Xmaster Formula Indicator for mt4

Download Xmaster formula indicator for MT5

The Xmaster formula MT5 indicator is an xmaster forex indicator in Metatrader 5. In fact, it is very easy to attach the Xmaster formula forex MT5 indicator to your trading platform. Once attached, join it to the solicited forex chart. Lastly, You will observe two types of arrows under your candlestick graph. From one part, upward arrows imply that the market is most likely to go up. In other words, there’s a new upside movement. From another part, downward arrows imply that the market is most likely to fall down. That is to say, there is a new downside movement.

Xmaster Formula Indicator for mt5

Download Xmaster formula indicator Tradingview

The xmaster formula is an xmaster a Tradingview indicator. It suits all timeframes and forex pairs. This universal indicator is depicted in a detached window under the principal trading chart.
The rationale behind this technical tool relies on the following logic:

  • Green dots track the price tendency by moving in swing ups and/or greater ups.
  • Red dots track the price tendency by moving in swing downs and/or lower downs.

Xmaster formula is a Tradingview Strength indicator. This oscillator is displayed in an independent window to establish trend analysis.
First, upside and downside arrows are perceived as confirmation signals to enter and quit the trade. Then, when the curve shifts to green color, the current trend is bullish. Alternatively, When it shifts to red color, the current trend is bearish.
From one part, The upward curve indicates the market’s bullish strength. From another part, the downward curve indicates the market’s bearish strength.

This is a picture from the tradingview platform which shows the Xmaster formula tool.

Xmaster Formula Indicator for Tradingview


To reach satisfactory results, always remember risk and money management techniques. Because a profitable trader has to master the trading discipline and market psychology. Moreover, it is very important to control your feelings. In other words, manage when to trade and when to not. Thus, Avoid trading during hard-luck market conditions as low volume of transactions and low market volatility.

The xmaster formula is a user-friendly forex indicator in Tradingview.
This MT4 indicator displays yellow arrows and green or red dots in order to provide you with entry signals. Thus, help you to make pips in MT5 also. However, the xmaster formula forex is a no repaint indicator.
Furthermore, if you want to trade with a live forex analyzer, take a look at Finansya premium forex indicators.

Key Takeaways

Let us recap the xmaster formula forex indicator :

  • A straightforward Metatrader indicator.
  • This indicator is used for trend reversion trading in MT4.
  • The up arrows indicate bull reversions in MT5.
  • The Down arrows indicate bear reversions.
  • This Xmaster formula trading system is used for forex trend trading.
  • The green dots indicate a bullish trend.
  • Thje red dots indicate a bearish trend.
  • It is hugely critical to employ proper money and risk management practices when utilizing Xmaster Formula Forex Indicator.
  • Traders have better employ it with other indicators in order to increase the probability of successful trades in Tradingview.